Use the CRM for more than just Pipeline

HubSpot CRM comes with one pipeline by default, for tracking deals as they move through the funnel to Deferred, Won or Lost.

A great use of this is managing customer 'delight' after the sale.

Create a Customer Success funnel with stages to represent the experience you create with clients. Onboarding, to service delivery and review. When the deal is won, move it into the start of this funnel and use CRM tasks to create a fantastic end user experience. If you have the add on HubSpot Sales you can use sequences to template these communications and tasks to keep it all on track. If you also have HubSpot Professional or Enterprise, set up workflow automations to set these tasks up and triggered as the deal moves through these onboarding stages. After all, inbound should always lead to Delight, and the Close is just the beginning Smiley Happy

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