Use snippet shortcuts in Outlook and Gmail

Right now you can only use shortcuts for Snippets when drafting emails within the HubSpot CRM (typing in # with the name of your shortcut to insert it directly into an email, rather than having to click on "Snippets" and find it in the popup).


It would be a total game changer if we could use these shortcuts in Outlook and Gmail!

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StephanieB Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner
Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner

I wish I could upvote this 100 times

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Agreed! In the Outlook browser version, you cannot even use snippets from the HubSpot sales icon options

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This really needs to be done! Even if not as simple as #, some kind of shortcut would be life-changing!

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This would actually be clutch. A substantial number of orgs use Outlook Desktop as their primary email software

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I am on the latest Outlook for Windows (and Mac) desktop client as part of Office 365 and am using HubSpot Sales Pro's Snippets feature. There currently isn't the capability of using the Snippets' keyboard shortcut (eg. #email) to auto-insert Snippets based on a pre-defined text string; this is currently limited to email composing within HubSpot itself.


Please add the Outlook plugin capability of using Snippet keyboard shortcuts. Thank you.

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This will solve the problem that companies with more than 50 users face. As you can see attached, once everybody is using the tool, it gets a mess and is almost impossibleSnippets.JPG to find the right snippet.

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Totally agree. It's a huge mess!