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Use sequences properties and activity as Contact filters in Lists and Workflows

We have multiple sequences running and need to be able to create list of contacts who have been enrolled into a sequence.  This allows us to run different types of field, email and product/services campaigns  based upon the location of the contacts and the date of the sequence.   


Realizing that I can take a list of contact and place them into a sequence. I am surprised that I can not take a sequence or sequences and create a list of contacts.   This woudl be a very helpful tool. 


Thank you



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October 20, 2021 11:26 AM

Hi Community! 


If there was an 'In progress' option here, then I'd use it for this post! We have been in progress now for several weeks to get sequences data available in other places across HubSpot.


Currently, we are getting the 'raw' data into Lists when building Contact-based lists. I've included some screenshots for what this looks like in our testing environment.


Some of the remaining steps:

  1. we need to clean up the labels on this data so it makes more sense, that includes removing some data that's just not useful!
  2. we need to add some 
  3. we then need to backfill this data from our testing environment to our "live in-production" vesion of HubSpot 


Once this has been done, I'll update the status here to "In beta" and you'll be able to request access! Some of our team has been taking a much-deserved break, so we will be able to begin these next steps in November when they are back! 


If you're following the "long tail" of work here, then you'll know there are a few more apps that we want to support, like Contact-based Workflows and Reports. After we are on Lists, we'll begin the process of getting these filters in those places as well! That means this Ideas Forum issue might be 'In beta' for some time, despite some elements of this work being out live to all.

A list built using sequence propertiesA list built using sequence propertiesThe sequence properties - before we clean this up and add a few moreThe sequence properties - before we clean this up and add a few more

July 19, 2021 12:44 PM

Hi Community,


I've just merged this idea with a related idea titled "Workflows should have to ability to use sequence completions or starts as trigger for following actions" and updated the title of this idea to account for the change.


Merging these ideas increases the overall traction for a concept by combining the total "kudos" received for similar issues. The technical solution to solve for each of these problems is very similar, so this will help us keep all updates in one place as we make progress towards a solution.

Re: Create a contact list from a sequence or sequences. - changed to: In Planning
October 27, 2020 07:29 AM

Hi Community!


I've merged this idea with a similar Idea to create a contact list/show sequences enrolled for a contact. All upvotes and comments from both should now be visible in this Idea post.


And an update! We are now planning work to allow sequences properties to be used as triggers and filters in workflows, lists, and reports. More details on the related work and progress can be found in the update for the Idea: Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting








At the moment it is not currently possible to create a list of contacts who have completed sequences. It would be very useful to have this option.




Would greatly appreciate the ability to export the list of contacts that have completed sequences.

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Allow actions to be automated based on when users complete a HubSpot sales sequence ie: Mark a contact property or add them to a list


For example if a contact goes through a sequence and does not convert they should be able to automatically be enrolled in an MQL lead nurturing email or to a list "Completed Sequence No Action" things like that.


This would be tremendously helpful.  I currenlty have just under a thousand folks that have finished a sequence, but we want to move to drip campaigns.  The ability to do that in bulk would be exceptional.

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@sofiapensado I agree this would be useful information to have. Could you explain how you might use a list of contacts like this? 

What actions would you expect to take with a list of contacts who completed a sequence?


Even just the ability to know whether someone is or isnt in a sequence would help in workflows. 


Would greatly like the feature of being able to export multiple lists at one time. Super inconvenient to have to export each one individually.

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Yes, we need this. Bad.


I agree that this would be a great tool! 


I'd like to be able to filter contacts who have completed a sequence, but it's more important to be able to select contacts that have completed specific sequences, rather than completed any sequence.


I would use this tool to bulk edit the lead status. If they have completed a sequence in which I beleive no reply indicates they are uninterested, I could update the lead status to "unqualified" or some other custom property that is applicable to my business. 




I'd like to automatically update deal status after a sequence has run.


We use sequences to reach out to potential customers, so after 5 sequence emails we'd like to update the deal to 'Close Lost'.



An Idea to save time here:

In Order to avoid having to change manually the lead status contact by contact after a senquence is completed,it will be great to be able to create a workflow that allow us to automatically change the lead status of leads whose sequence has come to an end.


There is a property called "Currently In Sequence" that is either true/false/blank that you can use in Workflow enrollment, goals, or logic.

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@Eleven11 thank you so much for the feedback! I'll try this out and see if it works for what we're trying to accomplish.


Worklows should have to ability to use sequence completions or starts as trigger for following actions.


Example: A workflow that changes a contact property field should a sequence be completed.


I agree. I don't even need to be able to automate this via a workflow, I'd like to just be able to do it to all contacts in a sequence in bulk. There is a "Currently in a sequence property" but you can't narrow that down to a specific sequence. This makes it very difficult to keep track of where people are at in the sales process for my team!


After sequence is over, I would like to export the contacts from the sequence shown filters.


If a contact is enrolled in a sequence, once it ends, I would like to have a trigger that will automatically switch the contacts preperties so I know who has already been enrolled and I don't have hundereds of tasks a day popping up.


@Bfeldkamp - agreed with your summary.  I would also like to filter to those speicifc contacts and check results of how other types of engagement went (i.e. phone calls, meetings, etc).  That way, when I report out on how a specific sequence went, I can also have details surrounding call info and meeting rates (for example, I connected with 50 people, left 25 voicemails, and 25 no answers).


I would love this! I'd like to be able to bulk change people in a sequence -- once they've completed it, I'd love to be able to add an automation that changes the lead status.