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Use sequences properties and activity as Contact filters in Lists and Workflows

We have multiple sequences running and need to be able to create list of contacts who have been enrolled into a sequence.  This allows us to run different types of field, email and product/services campaigns  based upon the location of the contacts and the date of the sequence.   


Realizing that I can take a list of contact and place them into a sequence. I am surprised that I can not take a sequence or sequences and create a list of contacts.   This woudl be a very helpful tool. 


Thank you



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Yes we need this too - we need to see which salespeople have enrolled which people (as it's not necessarily the Contact Owner). Thanks!


Yes! We desperately need the option of enrollment based on past interaction with a sequence. 


Similar to an email newsletter, we would love to be able to create a list of those that have interacted so we can engage furtherl


Hello, I'd also like the ideas proposed by @sofiapensado and @Bfeldkamp  above. It would be ideal if we could also create lists for people who have reached each "stage" as in 

- replied to email in sequence (for performance reporting/improvement purposes)

- booked a meeting from email in sequence (for performance reporting/improvement purposes)

- are at email x of N (in case we decided to stop the sequence for any reasons and we need to manually follow-up)

Basically I'd like the option to being able to create lists from all the statuses and metrics reported here because that would help my Sales colleagues with follow-up, re-engagement activities. You can see most of them in a pop-up form but those cannot be exported or transformed into lists.

Also, I know that there is a way to create a list by looking at 'Last sequence enrolled' but since we use multiple sequences it would be also great to see all previously enrolled sequences. For example to not continue to enroll people who have never responded into new sequences, to avoid being seen as spammy. 

Thank you very much, I know you might be working already on many more improvements. 


This is much needed, All my clients this feature to make sequences more efficient.


Hi @glencornell 


Any updates on this one so far? Been a while since this feature was in progress. Very curious about the current status 🙂 


Hi @glencornell  - could you share an update on the beta, since nearly a year has passed since it was first noted.  Thank you!


You can do this via workaround, I recently learned that from a client of mine. 
In workflows, you can check if the contact is enrolled on a Sequence or not. 
In the trigger, go to Contact properties> the Last sequence enrolled and add the id of the sequence you want to make a list of. Then just add action to add them to a static list
You can get the Sequence ID from the URL of the sequence. Go to Sequences> Manage> Select a sequence In the URL in last you will find Sequence ID
The XXX is the ID in the following example link:

Note: when you are adding the ID comma will appear to ignore them. 😁


@glencornell are there plans to allow filtering by sequence name? 


I'm trying to see how a specific sequence affected the values of a custom property. So I'd need to be able to create a list of contacts enrolled in 1 or more specific sequences, and then I can further filter by the custom property value. This would be really useful.


Yes! I can't wait for this to be live. Is there also a way to export a list of contacts who have been enrolled in the sequence but did not respond. It looks like possibly the Sequence Status field where it could say 'enrolled, no response yet' or 'sequence end, no response'. This way I can trigger a worklow to update a contact's "lead status". 

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We have a customer asking if there is a way to see the impact of sequences in website traffic.  Is there a way to currently see this? 




I need to create a list of contacts that have been ever enrolled in particular sequence. Don't seem to find a way to do it effectively now...


Hi @mprichodko I believe a shot at it would be to create an Active list that looks if "Last sequence enrolled" has ever been equal to the number of that particular sequence [it is the number that can be found in the URL when you click to edit the sequence]. I am not 100% sure what happens when they have been enrolled previously in more than one sequence but it is the best way I could find so far.


I hope it helps. 

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Thanks for the tip @PamelaM! Now I've noticed the previously suggested solutions. It works for me for now as it is the last seqence we used indeed. Wondering what can work if it was not "the last" sequenced the contacts were signed for.


Really hoping this can be implemented soon, we'd like to update a contact property after they've been enrolled in a sequence (to prevent them from being enrolled in a similar workflow) and don't have a way to do this right now.


Hi team - Is there an update on this? 


We are looking to transition to outreach or as the workflow is superior and we've determined this particular functionality is key to the sequence workflow.


If this is due to be realesed to it would be important for us to know! Or even take part in the beta.

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This would be super helpful! 


Is this stil in progress? Hard to believe there's no reporting or export ability for sequence performance yet

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It has been added recently and is available now in Professional and
Enterprise portals!
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Another wish list item, while you are making enhancements to Sequence data availability, allow the Name of the Sequence to be available through the API and in a workflow. Currently the Sequence title shows up as a number id in both workflows, APIs and exports. The label is the name and the internal value is the id. We get why it's like that, but we need to be able to get to the label. We've had to do a manual work around to get the actual Name of the sequence as the Id is just not human friendly for the integration work we're doing. Thanks!