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Use sequences properties and activity as Contact filters in Lists and Workflows

We have multiple sequences running and need to be able to create list of contacts who have been enrolled into a sequence.  This allows us to run different types of field, email and product/services campaigns  based upon the location of the contacts and the date of the sequence.   


Realizing that I can take a list of contact and place them into a sequence. I am surprised that I can not take a sequence or sequences and create a list of contacts.   This woudl be a very helpful tool. 


Thank you



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I also think from a managament standpoint it would be beneficial to be able to measure the effectiveness of sequence enrollments. Say I run a team of 5 sales reps who are all enrolling 100 leads a week. How do I measure how successful these enrollments have been? The ability to generate lists of contact has completed Sales Rep 1 sequence would enable me to analyze how many of these leads have then resulted in deals being created for instance. The ability to segment in lists by sequence completion would benefit ROI reporting. 


@sjudson @sofiapensado - To add to this again, having the ability to filter contacts in completed sequences and being able to leverage the effectiveness of the sequence will give you much more reporting power on status of sequences/lead follow-up. The ability to see which contacts had deals created, calls connected, and moving on to the next steps in the sales process will allow us to accurately see what's working and what isn't.  What needs to be changed or unchanged.

This would be super beneficial when building out sequences and reporting out results of said sequences w/o having to manually do this offline.


I must make a workflow trigguer for the nurturing thats include the time when the sequence it´s over, for avoid the sequences and nurturing come at the same time.

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Our company uses Sequences for numerous occasions but we would now like to track the contacts that complete the sequence.


The Sequence Status field is available under Sequences but not to use under Workflows.


If we could have this field as an Enrollment Trigger, it would be great for both Sales & Marketing Teams.


Marketing will be able to update Lead Status if a contact completed a sequence and then even enroll them into other Sequences if we see fit or just move them into a different bucket.


This functionality is a must if you would like to keep up with your lost or un-engaged contacts.

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I would love to have this. Specifically, a contact property that let's me know which sequence they completed (multiple checkboxes). Right now, there's no way to filter contact to make sure that we don't enroll contacts into the same sequence twice.  Also, if we have sequences that are prerequisites to other sequences, there's no way to keep that workflow organized.


HubSpot, please get on this!


@hubspotteam any update regarding this idea?


This would be great, so I can do a more in-depth analysis of who responds and who doesn't


Hey there, We'd love the ability to export sequence data e.g. who it was sent to, contact properties, clicks, opens, bounces etc. As we use multiple marketing tools and coordinate many campaigns outside of HubSpot, we often have to 'wash' contact lists against one another to ensure no cross over.  Additionally, prioritizing calls by clicks, replies and opens (by filtering sequence data) would be huge in facilitating our sales team.

Likewise, knowing which contacts have historically been enrolled in certain sequences is a huge plus (rather than a simple "true/false" which provides little insights).




I like this idea. I would like to select all the contacts in a specific sequence.


We really need a possibility to unroll a contact from the sequence with a workflow.

Our sales agents are enrolling contacts into workflows after sending a quotation. Many times contacts are calling back or they came personally to our office - then the deal is closed or lost (agent manually change deal status to Closed Won / Closed Lost). 


And Hubspot continues to email these contacts because they are still in the sequence - it frustrates them of course.


It would not be a problem if I could be able to unenroll a contact from the sequence with a workflow when given condition (deal stage changed) is met.

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We also need this badly.


Has this not been solved? 'Member of Campaign' is a pretty common concept in multi touch marketing, when your considering attribution especially. Or suppression lists ... or .. I mean so many things.


This would be so useful! I want to automate activity if a contact has made it through a sequence and not responded


Upvoting this as we really need this ability


Absolutely. It is a must have to be able to make a list of contacts that have been involved in a specific sequence so you may creat subsequent sequences. I probably will not be able to stay with hubspot without this feature as the contacts are becoming too difficult to manage.


I really hope to see this. Thanks.




Having this feature would be extremely helpful! 


We have sequences for people in every market. Being able to create a list of everyone in a specific regional sequence would let us send invites for region-specific events much more easily. 


Additionally, being able to create a list of people in a sequence would also be extremely useful for creating suppression lists. If you have multiple marketing email workflows going, being able to suppress the list of people in certain sequences would help us ensure we aren't overloading those contacts with similar messaging.


I hope this feature gets implemented soon.


At the end of a sequence, instead of creating a task for each contact, add them to a static list.


if you have  sequence with a high amount of contacts, managing the huge amount of generated tasks is tedious. It would be best to dump the contacts in a list instead of creating a task for each contact. 


We would also benefit from this. I would like to be able to enrol everyone who completed a sequence in a workflow, and being able to have an active list with "completed X sequence" would be helpful. Thanks!


In the same boat as all previous contributors! Everything - yes.