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Use 'relative' ("TODAY", etc) dates for enrolling contacts and companies in workflows, lists, etc

We need to be able to enrol contacts and companies based on a contact/company property field being updated on a relative date (e.g. TODAY, TOMORROW, etc). We are using Hubspot as a way to faciliate our Product Qualified Lead (PQL) processes so this functionality is very important to use in order to get leads to the Sales team at the right time. 


Salesforce has similiar functionality and it would make a significant difference to how our workflows would be structured. 

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[deleted, you've commented on that idea already]


This would be very helpful for us as well. Futhermore, I suggest that in Workflows and Lists, we can select a number of days after a specific date. For example: List for Contacts with deal create date more than / less than / exactly 180 days ago. 




My specific use case I'd like to see: filter on [date field] where value "in last 60 days" (or greater than TODAY()-60)

To all people interested in getting this fixed, please Upvote the Master Idea below.
There were 15+ ideas on the forum related to date-filters, each being relatively small and describing one or two issues. That made this unlikely to be prioritized by Hubspot. In an attempt to accelerate this, we've made a complete analysis of what's missing and what Hubspot needs to develop. We created one holistic Master Idea aimed at describing the entire issue and collecting all Upvotes. Please vote on this idea now:
Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]



I made a small hack which is a solution to the use case we needed in our workflow: checking the date of a custom property with the current date.


Not perfect, but it works as a palative solution. 


The logic is: I create a control property that is only used to force "Last Modified Date" to update. Whenever I need, I update that property, and so I can do the comparison based on the "Last Modified Date".


The implementation was:

  • Create a property of type number called "Step Count" (in contact or company, whichever has the date property you want to check)
  • Before sending an email add a +1 "Increase contact / company property value" on the "Step Count" property
  • So I can check in the "Enrollment triggers" (or in a If/then) the date of the property I want to compare with the date of the "Last Modified Date"


I hope it helps.



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Hey! Would be very helpful to have the ability to filter down a list through a "rolling date" option. For example, enroll contact if they have the close date of "today or after" but have "today" change accordingly. Currently couldn't come up with a workaround for this either.


any word on this?


it´s been 3 years ... 


100% agree!!!


It would be awesome if a employee "Must" upload for example some data or an image before he is allowed to push a deal in the next Deal-Phase.


Like it should be an option to have some "harder permissions" some of our customers would love that. (German customers, they are very structured haha)


Please add.


I don't get how people are getting by without this. I need to take action in a list based on a date in a contact's properties, it's pretty basic stuff that I'm doing. There are a million variables based on time but none of them are simply looking at "today". I would strongly recommend the Hubspot product team to look at basic functionalty and add these quality of life items, before rolling out anymore sparkling bedazzle features.


100% agree


You'd think being able to automatically create/assign a task when a contract is X days/weeks/months from expiration would be basic CRM are people managing contract expiration dates? Am I missing something?


Hey Hubspot, 


I'm looking through the list of ideas. There are heaps of topics that have good number of upvotes but don't get addressed. Honestly, I get a bit disappointed receiving replies from support saying this is what it is (*with a lenthy story repeating the manual) and a hint to file an idea. And then nothing....
There are some critical issues that have been open for years. Relative dates is just one of them.
Get to work HS. I'm paying good money to use this platform!


A today() feature please.


It is absurd how Hubspot's users have to be developers to use this platform.

Agree. That’s why we switched from Salesforce to HubSpot!

A.) I have a workflow setup below that helps handle Contract Close Dates and 

B.) More time-based options, especially "Today", are needed to intelligent/timely task and activity assignment.

C.) You can have a trigger be Close date is more/less than X days ago/from now, but you can't Delay until Close date is more/less than... Unsure why it could be a filter, but not a "Delay until" option...


Tip for handling expiration dates:

We manage annual renewal deals; our Deal Stages are split by X Months. (i.e. Day 1 is Kick Off, Day 91 is Month 4, Day 186 is Month 7, etc.)


My workflow automatically changes the deal stage based on the number of days away from Close Date. Detailed Breakdown of our Pipeline below:


Stage 1 Trigger: Deal Stage is [Stage 1] -- New Deals are created in this stage, so this is day 1 of new deal.

--> Assign tasks for contract-year kick-off

Stage 2 Trigger: Deal Stage is [Stage 2] OR Close Date is less than 276 days from now & Close date is more than 185 days from now

--> Set Deal stage to Stage 2 / Assign tasks for Stage 2

Stage 3 Trigger: Deal Stage is [Stage 3] OR Close date is less than 186 days from now & Close date is more than 95 days from now

--> Set Deal stage to Stage 3 / Assign tasks for Stage 3




Hey everyone,

Have you heard of Tick Tock Today? It's an app that creates a today's date property for your objects. It's available on the HubSpot Marketplace.

TTT Demo.png

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to hop on a call with you!


-David Staat