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Use products as personalisation tokens

Wanted the additional ability to use products as personalisation tokens. 


-Posted on behalf of customer

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Please do 🙂

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Hi team,

Raising this for a customer here.

Can we look into having line item as a personalization token which doesn't require any "ecommerce" connection e.g Shopify? 

Thank you!


Upvoting this. We don't integrate with any external shopping tools, we just want to create a template or snippet to send either manually or through a sequence when we close a deal as closed-won that shows the line items of the deal. Super shocked to realize how incredibly hard this is to do!


Editing on Feb 17 2022 to mention how incredibly necessary this is for SaaS subscriptions. We're looking at contract executions and the line items included in services provided to large organizations, not material goods, and we certainly don't use Shopify for payment processing. The B2B SaaS market seems to increasingly be targeted by Hubspot in marketing efforts, but the reality of using Hubspot in this environment is incredibly difficult because of design choices like these.


This is very important



Yes! We need this! Since we can add products in Hubspot with unique URLs, we should also be able to add product personalization tokens if our stores aren't built in Shopify.


Important! Need it!


Dear product team,


Thank you for all your support so far. And I would like to upvote this idea as well.

We create deal very often. RIght now we have around 20-50 new deals created every week. 

And I want to increase the deal created. Deals = Chance to win.

Everytime when we create deal, we need to add "product". 

And there are lower price product are chosen way more often than those product with higher price.

So before I move our sales team to use "product" in deals, I would like to see if we can have this personalization token function here.

It will reduce whole lot of time for them to choose product everytime when there is a deal created.

Thank you again! 🙂


Best regards, 


Angela Liu (hello from Taiwan)


Si pls necesitamos personalizar ese registro en nuestros procesos!


Hi team,


We are looking for this feature as well, so we can create a dynamic field for our product price that gets updated automatically in our email templates, chat bot replies, etc.  As a startup just learning about our customer base it's important to have the ability to easily change the product price but we're concerned about missing a price instance in our funnel.   A dynamic field here would be incredibly helpful!