Use personalization tokens in chat

We're loving messages within Hubspot and the links to smart lists and 'Known Contacts'.


Would it be possible to add some personalisation tokens e.g. [Contact first name] to the 'Welcome message'?


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ron_kagan In Search of Ponies
In Search of Ponies
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Hi @ron_kagan,

Thanks for this but as Hubspot are willing, we'd rather keep everything in one place rather than subscribing to another service. 


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Personalising the chat messages for known contacts is a feature we really like in Autopilot, which we are dumping to move everything to Hubspot. So definitely want the ability to personalise Messages with 'Hi there David'.

ron_kagan In Search of Ponies
In Search of Ponies

Hey @DanAt3DV (and @DavidEedle) -- I agree that it's nice to wrap everything in HubSpot rather than a hodgepodge of software subscriptions.


I've not used it but this could be a solution:


Note: I am not paid by HS or Drift.


In fact, I wish HS's messsenger would just work like that!

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I would like to vote for this too. Would be good to greet people in the CRM if they go to book a meeting in case they have any further questions.

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Hey there HS Team & Community 👋


I was wondering if there are any plans to add the ability to use personalization tokens in the Live Chats Welcome Prompt? e.g. Name, Location, Industry, Company, etc. ( does this)


This way we could greet a lead or customer based on specific criteria, UTM links, tracking etc and add certain tokens in the greeting message! This could be pretty valuable and powerful!



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I need that feature as in Drift.  I want to say welcome to my customer in the more personalized way. 

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Same here!

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We're considering using Hubspot instead of Intercom, but this feels like a big blocker to the transition.

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Yes, why can't we add personalization tokens to the welcome message but we can put them in EVERY other message.

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Please add personalization feature 

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Please! We really need this.

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I was surprised that this feature was not already incorporated in Hubspot. I hope it will be integrated very soon.