Use iOS custom keyboard for Sales Emails Extension

The current iOS client workflow for tracking e-mails is quite broken.

On one hand, it doesn't work for replies/forwarded e-mails, and also, to track a new e-mail I need to go and create it first in your app, then "sign" it and then email it.

I would suggest that you take advantage of the custom Keyboards in iOS to have a "single button" custom keyboard that allows me to "track" an e-mail that will insert the needed pixel to the body of the e-mail.


This way I can use it in my normal mailing workflow on iOS without the need to switch to your app for a simple e-mail or reply to an e-mail.


I never checked, but it could be that just by being a custom keyboard, you can detect when the e-mail is opened by the owner and prevent the ghost/wrong notifications when I open my own e-mails.

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