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Use conversation templates in marketing emails

It's inconvenient that we can't use templates we created in the conversations tool for marketing emails tool. I have to copy & paste the template into some external text tool, then copy & paste it again to make marketing emails.


It would be helpful if we could use conversation templates in marketing emails.

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It seems too arbitrary that the content of a Marketing Email is kept distinct and separate from a Conversation Template. It is as if we are applying separate Marketing and Sales department mentalities to the tool system and unnecessarily creating divisions between departments. 


We should be able to create content and based on user authorization be able to access snippets, documents, images, and other saved content. Authorization to view, edit, and/or use content should then follow rules based user authorizations, Communication Subscriptions, Workflows, Sequences, and 1 of the 3 unique types of email: 1) Marketing, 2) Sales, 3) Customer.  Today, we have a Communication Subscription type for Customer Service/Care but we only have email content for Marketing and Sales. 


I agree.  I have our sales team creating and sending sequences. But only our marketing people create and edit workflows.  

Since contacts get kicked out of sequences whenever they reply, even if completely separate from the sequence emails, this limits who the sales people can send to. 

I have conversation email templates that I'd like to use in a workflow, but I can't without copy and pasting them into a new marketing email.

Same goes for regular marketing emails and automated marketing emails, would love an easy reuse of these also.


It does not make sense that I cannot use a conversation template in my workflow. It is a limiting cog in what otherwise is an intuitive system. 


And all contacts should be deemed as marketing contacts unless otherwise noted.