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Use clicks on Sales Documents as trigger (e.g. for workflow)

Especially in the latter stages of the sales process, we are sharing Sales Documents with leads quite extensively.  Whereas the tracking and reporting on the Sales Document page itself is good - I can see a full list of who downloaded the document - the tracking and reporting on the contact page is very limited. 


I propose to enable clicks on a 'Sales Document' to be used as a trigger (e.g. for a workflow) in the same way you can do this with Page Views.  This can then be used in a range of funnel activities, e.g.:


  1. Enrol contact in a new workflow
  2. Populate a custom field on contact for e.g. 'Downloaded Document X' with value 'YES' to provide better visibility of whether or not a contract has downloaded the document.
  3. Allocate Hubspot Score points as downloads of these Sales Document is a major indicator for whether the lead is hot, or not.
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June 17, 2024 07:31 AM

Hi Folks, 


Sales document triggers were previously made available as workflow triggers. Apologies for the delay in communicating the update.



triggers on an event - sales documenttriggers on an event - sales documenttrigger on a sales docuementtrigger on a sales docuement

April 26, 2023 12:38 PM

Hi all,


I'm a lead on the on the Workflows team and I wanted to personally reach out and share an update here. We understand that enrolling on sales document activity has been a feature many customers have been eagerly awaiting for quite some time, and I'm happy to say this is something we are actively working on right now and hope to have available in the near future. Specifically, when documents are shared or viewed by contacts.


I want to express our gratitude for your patience and continued support. Know that your feedback and persistence have not gone unnoticed, and we will keep you posted with any further updates!




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This is a brilliant idea, I want this too

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Also think this is a great idea!


The work around my team does today is create a CTA that links to the document which can trigger a workflow. Doesn't work for every use case but at least it's something!

I'd be happy to walk anyone through how to do that. Just shoot me a DM.
Have gotten a few requests from folks on how to do this so I put together this quick tutorial video.

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Would love for downloading or viewing a sales document to trigger a workflow. It only makes sense!


Agreed with everything the OP wrote, with the addition of a trigger property being time spent viewing a page.


Ex: if {contact} views {this page or series of pages} in {this document} for {>5 seconds), enroll in the workflow


This is so basic and would be hugely helpful if a Document URL click could be used as an enrollment trigger for workflows and sequences, similar to what happens with CTAs!


Please HubSpot save us from the inefficiency of having to use a CTA anytime we simply want to track document view or download.


Hi @amoa and others,


This functionality is now available in HubSpot through the CloudFiles app. You can upload a file through CloudFiles widget in a company / contact or deal and put soft gating (enter email to access) on it. Depending on the email entered, a CloudFiles: File Viewed event is triggered on the specific contact (or new contact is created). You can use this event to trigger workflows, filter lists etc...

You can try out the app from the marketplace if you'd like.




That would be amazing!


top ! I want this !


Yes, this is a feature that we would also like to use.


yes to  this!


This functionality is urgently needed.  I cannot understand why this is not already in Hubspot; it is a huge oversight.  As it stands, the list of stuff you can use a trigger in Hubspot is nearly endless, e.g.:

  • Contact clicked on link X in marketing email Y.
  • Contact opened marketing email Y.
  • Contact replied to marketing email Y.
  • Contact visited webpage Z. 
  • Contact submitted a form on webpage Z.
  • Contact has not yet viewed webpage Z.
  • Etc. etc.

However, the most important trigger for us in the sales process is a contact engaging with our sales documents (e.g. product fact sheets, brochures, technical documents, proposals, estimations).  For some reason, that is pretty much the only thing you cannot use as a trigger in Hubspot.  I would be very interested in hearing from Hubspot's Product Committee why this functionality is not already in Hubspot, and furthermore why it is not under evaluation (as I learned today from Hubspot support).  It seems like such an obvious miss.


There are certainly no technical reasons why clicks on Sales Documents cannot be used as a trigger for lists, workflows, sequences, Hubspot score etc.  On the page for each Sales Document, there is already clear reporting on how many visitors have viewed the sales document, how many views together with a full list of the contacts that viewed that Sales Document, how many times and when.  Furthermore, on the contact page, any clicks on Sales Documents are also clearly reported.  So clicks on Sales Documents are clearly tracked and reported.  However, for some reason, this knowledge and insight cannot currently be used in an efficient way to drive sales, as you cannot use clicks on Sales Document as a trigger for anything. #improvements


We recently wrote an article on this topic. This is possible through CloudFiles HubSpot Integration.


Yes Sales Documents need to be added to Hubspot Workflows.  Here are triggers we need to filter sequences by:


  • Sales document sent (yes or no)
  • Sales document clicked (yes or no)
  • Sales document downloaded (yes or no)
  • Sales document viewed (yes or no)

These are simple additions.  We can then program pretty much whatever we want as far as automation in workflows.  Hubspot needs to step up to the plate.  Spending thousands without basic features isn't going to cut it when my programmers can do this in my WP site within a day or two but it doesn't make sense to have it outside of Hubspot thus I need Hubspot to do it.


Since views and time spent viewing is already logged, it seems an incredible oversight that this trigger isn't a native option.


.. how often do ideas from the community actually get implemented? in the few threads I've participated in, all I ever see is "not at this time" and "we'll forward it to the team" - and usually an influx of frustrated "why is this not added"-comments follow. plus a bunch of workarounds that are more or less successful, with some requiring the highest tiers of hubs.

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A client just asked about that feature!


I want this as well but as an option for an if-then branch. we have multiple products and sometimes depending on the stage we may not know where to assign the contact. this would help as an option 


Realmente necesitamos esta funcionalidad en nuestras secuencias, poder activar en base a las interacciones que tienen nuestros contactos con las secuencias nos ayuda a fidelizar mejor. 


Go for it!


Also would love this.