Use clicks on Sales Documents as trigger (e.g. for workflow)

Especially in the latter stages of the sales process, we are sharing Sales Documents with leads quite extensively.  Whereas the tracking and reporting on the Sales Document page itself is good - I can see a full list of who downloaded the document - the tracking and reporting on the contact page is very limited. 


I propose to enable clicks on a 'Sales Document' to be used as a trigger (e.g. for a workflow) in the same way you can do this with Page Views.  This can then be used in a range of funnel activities, e.g.:


  1. Enrol contact in a new workflow
  2. Populate a custom field on contact for e.g. 'Downloaded Document X' with value 'YES' to provide better visibility of whether or not a contract has downloaded the document.
  3. Allocate Hubspot Score points as downloads of these Sales Document is a major indicator for whether the lead is hot, or not.
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This is a brilliant idea, I want this too