Use Smart Functionality to Display Localized Field Labels

There's an option to make a form smart, so you can display a different form based on different rules. We want to use similar functionality to display localized forms - use the same form for all geographies, but display translated labels / dropdown values / help text / etc. based on various criteria (their IP Country, for example). This is not currently supported, but we would definitely use it! 


We have 8 supported languages and right now we use a lot of custom code on our external website. As our team looks to use more of HubSpot's built-in tools, this functionality would be really helpful. The time required to create/maintain 8 versions of each form, and the resulting complexity of all our landing pages, is a huge limitation.


I posted once but apparently it wasn't the Ideas Forum...? So I am posting again. Here is the original post, with more details / use cases.