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Use NEW custom behavioral event as a Workflow trigger

There is a new Behavioral Event functionality for Marketing Enterprise, and the old one is marked as a "legacy". The new one supports only Delay until event happens feature on workflows.  Knowledgebase article explains how it works, but currently, you can't use events for anything else but delays.


We want to use Behavioral Events also as a trigger – not delay. For example, when event X happens, we want a Slack notification. 


This is an important feature for especially Sales and Service, when something critical happens. Also, Marketing people can benefit from this. When notification reaches proper persons, they can serve better customers in real-time. 






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+1 Despite being a very good feature with a lot of potentials, right now, we can't do a lot of things. 




@MeganLegge is there an update on the timeline for this?

We also need the ability to update a Contact Property based on CBE. For example, my CS team needs the ability to see the last time someone logged in or took an action on our platform. 


we need this desperate, we can not make good workflow without this.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Sierra Howard and I'm also a Product Manager on the Automation/Workflows team.

Thank you all for your feedback! We've implemented the ability to trigger Custom Behavioral Events as a workflow trigger AND workflows based on event triggers. So instead of initially creating a trigger from a list of objects/property triggers,  you will be able to trigger when an event happens. One of the events included is “property value changed” but not specifically for “updated in last X days”. It happens at the time of the property change. For example, when a contact’s city is updated to Boston vs contact city is equal to Boston. My hope is that this is a solution to what you're needing! 

The next step is to get some beta testers to test it out in private beta before we release it more broadly. If you're interested in participating in the beta, please fill out this formWe will then give you access within 36 business hours of you submitting the form, but may not let you know once we've given you access so be sure to check in your portal. You will see the beta banner when you go to set up a workflow trigger.  There's more information in the form, but looking forward to getting your feedback and making this available to everyone.

Also here is the KB article for event triggers specifically: We will create a separate KB for CBE triggers but if you have any questions or feedback, please use this feedback form


As always, thanks for your feedback and your help!



@SierraHoward thanks for the update....does this new functionality also allow us to take advantage of data passed into the custom behavioral event within the workflow?


Why is the new custom behavioral event not already available as a contact-based workflow trigger, while the legacy behavioral event is? Hubspot docs push for users to use the "new" CBE (approaching two years old now?), but this seems like a significant limitation for tracking user engagement.

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