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Use Microsoft Teams for Calls

Since Microsoft is going away from Skype and integrating that functionality into Teams, it would be great to have the calling feature integrated with Teams.

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If a HubSpot contact calls the business (which uses Teams Calling), There needs to be an integration that will push all of the relevant call data directly into HubSpot.


Need to be able to see all your phone calls (including marketing campaign, source and keyword) directly inside HubSpot. Automatically create a new contact if the incoming phone number isn’t in your contact list. If they are already a contact simply add the call activity to the contact timeline so you can view everything in one place. 


(similar to the phonewagon integration)


Also pop up showing the callers name and last activity before the line is connected..

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Fully support this. We use Teams but have a hard time integrating calling wiht Hubspot