Use Microsoft Teams for Calls


Since Microsoft is going away from Skype and integrating that functionality into Teams, it would be great to have the calling feature integrated with Teams.

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Aug 9, 2021

Status updated to: In Beta
Jul 19, 2021

Hi All 


Thanks for your patience, and continued interest in our MicroSoft Team's integration. 

We are working with MicroSoft to get some final approvals in place to launch our initial features. 

We are planning to roll out the integration soon and I will update this thread when we have confirmed our launch date. 

*Note that Calling functionality will not be part of the initial launch as this is in our coming development cycles - we hope to share this with you soon, and I will keep this post updated on progress. 




Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Jun 16, 2021

Hello HubSpot community,

Thank you for your continued feedack here.

Improving our integration functionality with more robust functionality specific to Microsoft Teams is absolutely on a list of things we’d like to do. However, the list of calling specific improvements is long and time and resources are limited.  So, building this functionality natively within HubSpot is ultimately a question of priorities and this is a lower priority compared to some of the other things we’re working on right now. We're continuing to keep an eye on the use cases provided in this idea and are always re-evaluating our top priorities, we'll be sure to update this thread when this is a more near-term deliverable.

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If a HubSpot contact calls the business (which uses Teams Calling), There needs to be an integration that will push all of the relevant call data directly into HubSpot.


Need to be able to see all your phone calls (including marketing campaign, source and keyword) directly inside HubSpot. Automatically create a new contact if the incoming phone number isn’t in your contact list. If they are already a contact simply add the call activity to the contact timeline so you can view everything in one place. 


(similar to the phonewagon integration)


Also pop up showing the callers name and last activity before the line is connected..


Fully support this. We use Teams but have a hard time integrating calling wiht Hubspot


I am puzzled that this is not yet possible...


Yes please add that feature. Teams integration is needed.


Please add intergations with Teams


Fully agree with this, such a shame there is no integration yet.

Application requirements in order of most important to least (in my view)

  1. See who’s calling by contact name (if contacts exists in hubspot)
    • See who normally speaks to this customer (who logged last activity in hubspot) (useful but not necessary)
  2. When in a call or when the contact is calling, click on the contact’s name to open their profile within HubSpot.
  3. When an unknown number calls, click to add it to an existing contact or create a new contact in HubSpot
  4. Once finished call to be automatically logged into Hubspot
  5. Users to be able to call a hubspot contact directly from teams
  6. Add Unknown Contacts After a Call has finished from the calls history list in teams

Yes, its really needed!


We are totally waiting for that


Come on HubSpot, loads of demand for this feature, especially now with so many working from home.

An update from you would certainly be appreciated by the community......... are you planning a adopt this request?




This would be a great integration to have. Our team is considering moving our phone service to Microsoft Teams. It would be nice to tightly integrate call data with activities. 


I have been looking through the forum and it seems that the folks that are on Microsoft Corporate Suites have a lot more requests going on. There seems to not be a proper integration with Exchange, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 etc. Basically, all the Microsoft products have worse integrations than Google, Zoom, Salesforce, etc.


Microsoft has a TON of users. Many of which have had to completely migrate to working from home during these times. The lack of integrations with several of these products is making it a lot more difficult for them to work with HubSpot when instead HubSpot should be making it easier. 


Personally, I'd love to get the integration between Microsoft Teams and and HubSpot truly ironed out. It's hard to schedule virtual meetings when you have to send double invites for everything. CRM's are about relationships and by not being able to do this you start-off with the wrong foot (confusing your customer with multiple invites).


In general, I'd love for Microsoft to get a little more love Heart 


Still no update HubSpot? - Loads of demand and lots of potential, I think the HS community would love some sort of statement from HS.


Agreed! I have a Customer who would greatly benefit from a Teams and HubSpot phone integration. Would love an update from HubSpot on this! 


Inbound, CRM and sales are always about credibility. HubSpot sees itself as a leading provider in this area.


Simply not answering to the much needed integration of Microsoft Teams for calls, meeting scheduling and call logging is either ignorance or arrogance, but in any case does not support credibility.

Both ignorance and arrogance have been the beginning of the decline for many companies.
Other providers are very close and in some areas already further. The lack of Microsoft Team Integration is not the only weakness, there are others.


So please, strengthen our trust in Hubspot and please, please get it done and let us know when exactly we'll get what.


It should be simple.  A link in a browser will allow you to select MS Teams to facilitate the call; if we could only make the field a hyperlink....

Unfortunately I see a conflict of interest with Hubspot calling and Teams calling but nearly everyone is already using teams and are not likely to purchase another phone service from Hubspot.   "Copy/Paste" phone numbers reflects badly on Hubspot and is not likely to change our choice of using MS Teams for phones but fixing this simple request would certainly make our experience with Hubspot better.


Fully support the demand for a MS Teams Call Log in Hubspot

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Yes, this would be awesome! As MS Teams is getting more an more popular and companies are also switching to MS teams as telephony solution, this integration would have a lot of potential for HubSpot and all its customers.


Please HubSpot, any reaction?


This is essential for me too.  Has anyone tried RingCentral who say they integrate with both TEAMS and HUBSPOT?




Absolutely need this.  Always amazed at some of the basics that just aren't there.  Please add this!