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Currently, only Google Calendar or Outlook 365 are compatible with HubSpot Meetings. It would be great to see additional calendar compatibility with other Microsoft licenses, particularly Outlook 2013 available via Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.



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I would really like Hubspot Meetings to work with my office outlook.  We use an enterprise version of outlook, we don't use office 365, and apparently it will only work with office 365. 


I don't think a company our size will migrate an entire company to 365 so I can get meetings.  But using it with my google account is annoying, because google won't seamlessly sync up with outlook either. 


That's something I'd really like to see. 

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I LOVE that Meetings is now an option for all accounts! My clients are really excited about this. However, for one client that is very interested - they use Apple Calendar and Exchange for Apple Mail as their main calendar. Asking them to move over calendar systems is not an option. I would love to see Meetings open up to more calendar functions. Are there plans for this in the future?

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I was having the same challenge. I used this free utility to sync my outlook and google calendars:


Then the Meetings feature in HubSpot works great!

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We're on out own hosted Exchange and based on conversations with our IT manager, I don't see much of a chance that we move all of our BDRs and AEs to Office 365. And the whole company won't be switching to Google either. 


Having a plugin or something that syncs Exchange with Meetings would be great. It's a feature that we'd like to work into our upcoming lead -> MQL nurture workflow, but can't right now since the calendar sync doesn't work for us.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

We have the ability to connect to Meetings via the CalDAV protocol in a small beta. It is known to work explicitly for Zoho, Yahoo, and Fastmail accounts. If you are interested in joining, fill out this form. Knowledge doc is here.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

The CalDAV beta that was opened in June is officially closed. A big thank you to our beta testers who helped us determine that this protocol isn't the best solution for this problem. Any beta users successfully using CalDAV can continue to do so if they wish, but we will not be expanding the offering to new users or maintaining it. We still believe it is important to have a way for any user to connect their calendar to Meetings and will be exploring other solutions in the coming year. Please upvote this idea to receive email notifications when we have updates!

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Please make meetings work with outlook!

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We really need the Hubspot and on-premise Exchange integration. We are forced to  stay on on-premise Exchange due to compliancy our company must adhere to in order to keep our contracts and do business going forward. This is causing us to not spend money with Hubspot and upgrade our existing licensing or buy more licensing as we are seeking alternatives. are losing business over this. Please address!

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Meetings really needs to be implemented. Hubspot has so may posibilties clients are not able to use due to the lack of intergration with Exchange servers. please stop just depending on cloud based services. if you want larger corperations to start using your product to its full potential, all features need to be intergrated with exchange. I can see this does not have alot of request which is a shame, but the expense to move our service to a cloud based email system does not have a good ROI. Thanks

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One of our clients uses Exchange. After connecting it to HubSpot, we were disappointed to find that connecting the client's reps' calendars wasn't possible. This is definitely something that needs to be implemented

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Agree with all previous commenters -- we use Outlook on premise and do not have Office 365. We explored switching to Office 365 but it would be a huge expense and also raises compliance concerns. Are there any plans to connect Meetings with Outlook Exchange? This feature would greatly help our sales team and also make our data more complete on what initiatives are driving meetings. 


I would also love to see Hubspot Meetings Tool integrate with Exchange/Outlook. I know that there may be the option to integrate Outlook with a GCal or O365 then connect one of those inboxes to Hubspot. This might would be a good fix if one or two people would be using Meetings, but for our case, we would like everyone to access this. That's a lot of tidious steps for everyone in our company to do that


I'm not sure if it's in Hubspot's plan to create that integration, but that sure would be nice if it was :-)

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We're disappointed that the CalDAV option didn't work out as we think this would have been the best way to integrate with our email platform, which is Zimbra ZCS.  If you support Exchange Activesync or Exchange Web Services protocols it's possible this might also work for us as Zimbra has support for both.

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Completely agree with the other comments. This needs to happen for Micrsoft Exchange users. This would help our organization out so much, we spend a lot of needless time  creating and sending outlook meeting requests when it could be automated. 

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We are working on a website redesign, and looking into the Hubspot meeting calendar. But, we use an on-premise Exchange environment. We host our own email, and do not have a solution to use google or office 365. Adding this feature would be super helpful. Are there any future plans to make this possible?