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Use Meetings Link with NO contact created

The Meetings Link feature is great. However, I want to use for use cases where I don't want the users to be created in our Hubspot database, such as job interviews, scheduling podcast guests, etc. 


These contacts aren't for sales and marketing purposes. And I really don't want my emails tracked in our public system. 


If I could create custom meeting links for these specific uses cases and then specific (true/false) if I want a new contact created in Hubspot that would be fantastic!


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I second this idea, it's something that my company needs as well.


Sure with this you would Outperform Calendly and all other tools. 
Like it could not be as hard. Just a switch "This Calender creates new Contacts"   and   "This Calender don't create new Contacts"


This idea is great, please implement it ASAP.


Yeah also need this. It devalues the overall software if you can only use these tools for prospects/customers. Because then you need to purchase third party tools additionally - or for companies considering switching to Hubspot - they need to take into account they cannot cancel their current tools or need to buy additional third party tools if their current solution does allow for it.


On top of that - having to use two different meeting scheduling tools - one for meetings with prospects/customers and one for other meetings just creates more tool overload. 

Seems like a relatively small change as well - add an option per meeting link whether or not new contacts should be added to the CRM or not.


I´m testing a temporary workaround that might be helpful for others:


Create a new meeting type, ie, 'private'


Create a meeting (link) and set the meeting type to 'Private'


Created a workflow on contact-object

Trigger: New meeting booked



Meeting type: Private



Delete Contact





This way the contact will still be added to the CRM but then deleted again right after.