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Use Hubspot as a Project Management Tool

Hubspot will make a very efficient PM tool. All one has to do is change "Deals' to "Projects". Apply a "project pipeline" instead of a "sales" pipeline. You can still assign tasks and track progress of projects in the same way Deals are being tracked. I would really like to use teh Hubspot platform to do this. Is it possible? All it requires are field name changes. Pleasecan someone contact me as this is a very urgent requirment on my side. 

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I don't think you can change the word "Deals", but you can change the pipeline name, as well as the stages, in the settings.


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Hello @ShireenS @Benjamin thank you both for your posts. I can confirm that HubSpot does in fact already offer a project management tool on the Marketing Platform. Marketing Basic, Professional and Enterprise customers can use the Projects Tool to plan campaigns, assign tasks and co-ordinate internal teams. 

You can find out more about the Projects Tool here and sign up for a 30 day Marketing Trial here

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Can the project management tool also be used in the Service Hub? This will be especially useful to the management of tasks for service delivery once a deal has been sold. For example delivery of consulting services that include different stages of delivery, managing events, implementation of services, etc.

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