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Use Dynamic Query Strings in CTAs

Who: Marketers already using CTAs


Current issue: CTAs cannot be appended with dynamic query strings. This is confirmed through support that the CTA tool produces an error.


Goal: Carry a contact's information from a CTA within an email to pre-populate a form on a landing page


Value: Reduces friction for the contact to either schedule a meeting or fill out another form if we pre-populate the information for them.


Example: Well, I can create a regular link URL and append dynamic query strings, no problem. But the moment you want to add it to a CTA, it doesn't work. Let's say I want an orange CTA button within an email to schedule a meeting. My meeting would be set to "auto-submit" to avoid the first email entry and then populate the rest of the contact information so they don't have to. Can't do that with current CTA setup.