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Use Deal Tokens in Marketing Automation Emails

Recently, Hubspot allowed Deal Tokens in marketing emails -- which is a huge step! -- but these tokens cannot be used in automated workflows.


There's a basic problem I'm trying to solve: Alert the Sales Manager that a Deal has been Created or Won using attributes from the Deal. 


Hubspot is so close to being able to do this and two changes will satisfy this glaring hole. 

  1. In the Deals beta, allow us to specify Deal workflow emails to go to a person, multiple people, or a team.
  2. Allow us to use Deal tokens in automated marketing workflows.

Either solution allows for notifications via email which I cannot do today.

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4 Commentaires
Nouveau contributeur

Yes, this is a must. I want to automate our proposal creation via webhook and need these params to be able to send.

Contributeur occasionnel

Please! This would be very helpful for our company!

Contributeur régulier

I was able to add deal token in automated emails weeks ago and now I am unable to do so. Can we have this feuture back? Not only leads in contacts need nurturing, deals do to and being able to automate here is key. Thank you!

Nouveau contributeur

Yes this would be a very important function to have.