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Use Deal Properties in Forms

Hey there!


For us to be able to create forms that use Deal Properties would be amazing.


Is that something easily feasible?


Thank you.

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March 24, 2021 10:14 AM

Hi folks,

Support for deal properties in forms is definitely something we want to look into. But for now, we are not actively looking into building this due to other priorities. We will review this again later this year. 


Thank you!




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March 24, 2021 10:14 AM

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I have to add my support for this as well. I am perplexed why this isn't a standard feature? Wouldn't the main purpose of a webiste form to be create a deal? Or am I using forms in the wrong way???

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@TWaitt -


Not in most cases. Contact Form or offer downloads should not create a deal upon submission. Only bottom-funnel forms for things like Request a Quote or Schedule a Demo should create a Deal for each submission, but only if the request is creating a new Opportunity in HubSpot instead of an SQL for the sales team to first qualify if it's even ready for a new Deal.


But having the option to create a new deal for each submission would be great instead of using a workflow to map contact properties to Deal properties.


Originally started in 2018, and still nothing almost 4 years later!




How I want to use it - 

Once the customer is qualified, I want to be able to send them a form (lets keep it basic for now) that has all the particulars for the individual DEAL. 

ie, PO number, delivery address etc.


IN my case, the delivery address are not always the same, as they send to 3rd parties etc - so for all intensive purposes, they're 'unqiue' for each deal. 


urgh. so much double handling of data!


@SabariRam is this currently in the works? Any updates for this?


Absolutely crazy that after 4 years they haven't done this yet. INSANE.


Latest from 18.08.2022 is that this idea is still in the fridge and the circumvention is to have the properties on the company object and migrate them to the deal object using a workflow. It's a shame as IRL - deal properties are not always consistent with or static as company properties.

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@klaptrap I agree, that is not ideal as most of the time it is contact properties that are more closely aligned to deals than company properties. I guess I'll have to keep finding workaround options until this becomes a reality. Thanks for the update!


We have found  a workaround thanks to getting lucky with Hubspot Livechat (which I have to say, is perhaps the best livechat service I've used). A couple of people didn't solve it a while back, but the person I got to this time (chap called Mark) did.


  1. Create a duplicate Contact Property the same as your Deal Property
  2. When you set up a Workflow on form submission - have that create a Deal
  3. Then click "Add more properties" - where you can copy the Contact Property from the form to the Deal Property
  4. Screenshot example below - this has totally sorted us.






Yeah I feel like most here know of that workaround, but it doesn't fix the problem, just adds additional workflow complications and potential overwrites if more than one "form" is submitted to another workflow with the same properties and before the workflow is able to "clear" each of those properties for use again.


Hubspot used to be about innovation, speed to market, and ultimately giving marketers the ability to be a "developer" without having to develop anything within the system.


Now they're too focused on gadgetry and hoopla and are leaving things like this that has 4 pages of responses on the table after FOUR years.


I know for a fact that it isn't difficult to do, it's literally copy/pasting the tables from contact to deal and allowing deal properties to map to the form as well.


But, I digress. This lack of true response from HUBS is exactly why I've stopped being a partner with them. And precisely why their stock prices have gone from $800 to just $340 in 7 months. People just don't believe like they used to.


Thanks for sharing


This would be really helpful.


As our example use-case, our internal sales team uses the HS forms to send a data request to our Research team in another BU. These properties are almost always directly related to a deal in our pipeline. Instead of being automatically input as a deal property, I need to create the properties twice over (once in contacts and once in deals) and then build a property-copy workflow. It's not impossible, but it is impractical and it seems like a high-impact, easy-input apple to knock off the HS product road map. 

Hope to see any update on the progress of this feature soon.