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Use Deal Properties in Forms

Hey there!


For us to be able to create forms that use Deal Properties would be amazing.


Is that something easily feasible?


Thank you.

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It seems like a popular topic.  My idea is that I have a custom field I created for my deals and want to use that property, which is a drop-down list, on a form I created so the user that visits my landing page and completes a form can pick from the drop-down list an select an item from the drop down list?   I do not need it to update any properties, just want to be able to use my custom property created for a deal on a form, is this possible?


I would like to vote for this.  It would be a HUGE help, and allow me to not have to use third party products

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Definitely agree!

Another thing that's sorely missing for us is being able to insert the name of the most recently submitted form into the Deal. I know we can use the "first conversion" and "recent conversion" properties, but we really need a default property for tracking the form name that's submitted.

If you also have a need for this, please upvote my idea here:


Yeah this would be a really good addition. Because there is no workaround on this, our sales people are going to have to conduct the fact-find with the customer again which will waste time of both the customer and our staff. It would actually be good to have something like Deal Form, which not only creates a user (where there is one) but also creates a deal - which can then have deal properties extracted from (in our case) URL parameters.


Hope this one rises up the list, it would be extremely helpful and immediately place users at a lower point in our pipeline.

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In the meantime, have you explored using workflow to create a deal from your form?
You could duplicate deal properties as contact properties, create the form, then on form submission, launch a workflow that does the following:
- create a deal
- copy the contact properties to the deal
- clear the contact properties ready for their next enquiry.

Much better to have deal properties on a form. Absolutely. But this solution might work for you in the meantime.

Is this feature still in planning stages? Deal property forms would be extremely useful to my team, the option to create 50+ extraneous properties on contacts, then create a complicated workflow to identify the appropriate deal amongst many associated with the contact and painstakingly copy each property to the deal property is workload heavy and extremely prone to error. I would love to see forms based on deals ASAP. 


This would be a great addition, currently we have the ability to prompt required fields when deals are in specific stages of a pipline. However, there are some fields that are only applicable to specific cases. Rather than having our team scroll through a big list of potential fields, forms have the ability to include some conditional logic via the dependent fields. 


Having the ability to tie forms to deals would not only enrich the team experience but ensure the appropriate content is captured and nothing is missed. 


I would LOVE to be able to include a deal property on a form. There are times when I need to collect deal-specific information from a contact and it would be ideal to have that info save directly to the deal. This would be particularly helpful for our sales team who are getting more detailed info once a contact is in the system when a contact may have multiple deals with us or who may have multiple deals over a period of years. 


I am a bit baffled as to why this isn't a higher priority issue. Creating hundreds of duplicated properties is very bad data management and in my case wouldn't even work as re-submitted forms would overwrite the previously entered property anyway. Please Please Please consider bumping this up your priority list. 


I am also a bit confused as to why this is not already a feature? I've been forced to use the API and develop my own web form. If I can pull off this feature on my own with relative ease and minimal hours, I don't see how Hubspot developers can't add it?

I can see the potential difficulties in linking the contact and deal, and what happens with updates and duplicates, etc. but i would think you could put in basic funtionality with strict controls to at least make it available.


This would be very helpful and would increase our usage of HubSpot for our business.  Without the ability to add deal propeties to forms, we are limited in our use and it creates the need to use sources external to HubSpot for this (increasing our dependency on integration functionality) which is less than ideal.


Any progress on this?


For our tenders we always need the same information. But we do not want to scare people with long forms and add it to a deal.


So it would be great to capture this in an additional folluwup e-mail after someone requested a tender. 

This would be super usefull in the sales proces.


I'm curious if we can't put Deal properties into Forms it would also work if I could at least map properties from the contact to the deal they are attached to after the form is filled out. This would also save my team time in data entry from when leads come in and needing to copy many of them into the deal. Becasuse we capture a lot of data about a deal from the lead form this would be very helpful.


The practical way I could see this is the trigger would be on the deal which could be an option to load deal information and once clicked it would pull the specific properties I set.


This could expand the usefullness of deal pipelines for internal processes. Our example would be a form that our team members can fill out to request an event be planned. A workflow could create the deal in the pipeline used to organize those events being planned. Then the properties could fill in automatically from the form to the deal. Then we can have multiple event deals moving through the pipeline with the information we need to keep going, keeping this in hubspot without having to utilize another program.


Completely agree with all comments above - being able to use Deal properties in a form is a necessity, and I can't believe it isn't already a feature. For our specific use case, we want potential clients to be able to fill out a 'Project Scope' form from our website to give us the information we need to decide on project go-ahead. As one customer could be wanting more than one product/project, it is incredibly messy to have the form properties linking to the contact property rather than creating a new deal at the top of our pipeline. 


Please prioritise this topic! If we are able to use the deal properties in the form, that'd be extremely useful. We ask questions via Typeform from our customers and use all the deal level properties. We want to be able to replace Typeform with HubSpot form so that there is no extra efforts on the integration side.


+1 to this idea. We send new prospects a demo intake form and we'd like to write these answers to the deal information.


This looks like an old post .. did the feature to use deal properties in forms ever get done?

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It would be super helpful if deal properties can be a part of forms.
Use case: a form that will trigger new deals off of submissions should have deal properties.

Why this matters: Currently, I have to build forms using ticket properties. Then I route the form submission through a ticket pipeline for automation (with a workflow) to trigger a deal. Then I create another workflow to copy the ticket properties over to deal properties so they can show up in the "About a Deal" pipeline. This second workaround workflow could be eliminated if deal properties were allowed in forms as they could be used as enrollment triggers in my initial workflow.