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Use Deal Properties in Forms

Hey there!


For us to be able to create forms that use Deal Properties would be amazing.


Is that something easily feasible?


Thank you.

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When creating a form it only allows you to use Contact properties, but we needed to fill information directly into the Deals properties.

Suggestion from your support team was to create a workflow to create a deal record and clone the properties from the contact record once the form has been submitted, but it would make too many steps.


We kindly ask you to please enable to use deals properties in the forms to input data directly in there.





HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks,

Support for deal properties in forms is definitely something we want to look into. But for now, we are not actively looking into building this due to other priorities. We will review this again later this year. 


Thank you!




Forms Product Team


I would say this is imperative, that you should be able to add in field properties from any object in Hubspot. If not you are constantly creating duplicate fields, and this is extremelly bad data management. 


Definitely agree. Seems a no-brainer now you can update companies and customer objects from forms. And the idea got at least a number of upvotes when it was last submitted.


Folks - I am looking to be able to add  the specific deal to a ticket/task as its created or edited.  Fingers crossed that i get this asa result of this thread. Thanks A


Very big thumbs up to update Deal Properties with Forms. Currently, our workaround is to duplicate all required Deal Properties within the Contact Properties which creates a database normalization and workflow management nightmare. Essentially doubles the work necessary for many automation processes and increases the risk of error. 


Please do this, it would be great! I know we can copy properties from contact ones, but that means I'll end up with a bunch of contact and deal properites the same.


It's a really simple build, not sure why it hasn't been done. 

Member | Gold Partner
Member | Gold Partner

We have a use case for this which I expect could be quite popular.  We have several partner companies who send leads to us. We want them to be able to complete a form containing all the relevant information and have that create a deal which is acted on immediately.  We do have a workaround with duplicate contact and deal properties plus workflow but we have a potential problem when a partner wants to input two leads for the same contact.   I agree that forms should be able to use properties from any object in Hubspot.   looking forward to an update on this one. 


Echoing what others have said, it would make a significant impact on our day-to-day operations being able to have deal properties in forms. With each form submission, we create a deal and currently we have workflows that copy contact properties into deal properties. But this workaround is not scalable and it adds an unnecessary amount of duplicated properties which can lead to errors downstream.


I completely agree, we are creating forms to our website, were the customers can send in their inquiry- so we would also like to have deals properties as an option to add on the forms. 😊


Please continue looking into this! We'd love to have a form start a Deal - no need to copy & paste needlessly. I know you can do it, HubSpot wizards!!! 💡


This would be really helpful. As we have partners that create deals and we want them to be able to create a deal in HubSpot through a form.


+1, waiting for deal properties in forms. 


We need this also. We have distributors who could be submitting closed deals via a form inside their intranet pages on our website. Now it is all manual.


+1 here! Currently trying to solve it through copying contact properties to deal properties, which is obviously a long and messy path.


This would be good!


Just enable the association of properties across objects in hubspot. I have lots of use cases where I need to use form info for contacts or companies or deals. I'd also love to be able to link service tickets to deals and/or forms as well. Lots of other low/no-code have this feature and it's very easy to use. It also eliminates the crappy workaround using automations to copy redundant values across objects. It's absolutely insane to me that this isn't something that is a high priority as the current "solution" of creating duplicate properties/fields across objects and then copying data across is archaic and has lots of room for error. 


Following this as we have several cases where this is needed. Sorta silly it's not in consideration by HubSpot to create a simple feature that so many have requested.