Use Deal Properties in Forms

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For us to be able to create forms that use Deal Properties would be amazing.


Is that something easily feasible?


Thank you.

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This would be amazing. I want to be able to send a form to the customer to update the fields and store the information as part of the deal record. Since each customer has multiple deals, I want the information to be stored in each deal, not in the contact record.

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We have 100+ deal properties that needs to be updated with a form. Our workaround is making redundant Contact Properties and using Zapier to map the form submissions back to the deal. But there is a lot of room for error.


Forms that create or update deals would be ideal.

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This and Company Forms too!


Both (Deals & Companies) require creating contact properites just to use in the form and map them over to the corresponding Deal/Company property via a Workflow upon form submission.


This creates a messy interface with tons of liablity for errors.

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I agree this would be great.  I don't like having to duplicate properties.

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This is extremely important and so needed! I was considering adding the redundant contact properties also, then I realized that I have a few contacts who are attached to multiple deals with separate companies. If they filled out the form twice that could get really messy. 


This would be a great addition! Upvote

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I agree that this would be very helpful.

We are trying to find any way to create "Activity" on a record without updating Contact properties, and thought to create a Deal for each unique form instead, but would need to be able to update Deal properties without messing with the Contact or Company records. 

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Hi @kristingiant, Thanks for your DM. I would be happy to explain how we use form s submissions to update deals.


First, I want to describe the basic step of letting a form create a deal. If you do not have Sales Pro, sales automation like letting a form create a deal is not available. The workaround here is simple:

In Zapier, a form submission can be used as a trigger. This is found as a "Hubspot" trigger. Zapier then has a "HubSpot CRM" action called Create Deal. You can simply map the form submission information to the appropriate deal property. You will need to have redundant Contact and Deal Properties so these can map over perfectly.

Now, the slightly more complicated task of updating an existing deal when a form is submitted: Every deal has a Deal ID. By adding a new hidden field on your form called "Deal ID" and including "?deal_id=123456" in the URL, the deal id gets automatically passed through on the form submission without the user having to add it. 

Instead of asking the user to update their account here, the link you would send them is 

Then, in Zapier, you can use the Update a Deal action found under "HubSpot CRM" and you are looking up the deal with the Deal ID.

Now the challenge of getting 12345 to actually represent the Deal ID sent to a contact. You can use the HubL token {{ contact.deal_id }} if this is sent via a contact-based workflow or {{ deal.hs_object_id }} if this is sent via a deal-based workflow.{{ contact.deal_id }}. You will need to ensure there is a workflow that maps the Deal ID back to the contact associated with the deal.

I hope that answers your question. If you were just trying to use a form for internal purposes to update deals the process is a little simpler. You just don't need to hide the Deal ID form field and don't need to worry about the HubL token part of getting the Deal ID in the url.



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This needs to happen - please!