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Use Custom Object Personalisation Tokens in emails

The custom objects functionality in Hubspot is extremely powerful - we use it to link Contacts to custom objects (in our case linking contacts to a custom object that represents the golf club they're a member of). The automated email system UI seems to allow you to add personalisation tokens for properties in custom objects (e.g. sending an email to a contact and using properties from an attached custom object) - these are added into the email, however when the email is sent, they're always blank.


Hubspot support have let us know these only work if the email is based on the Custom Object itself, so cannot be used. It would be incredibly powerful to be able to use these tokens when there is a many to 1 relationship from Contact to Custom Object as it would allow us to considerably reduce our data overheads and improve our emailing.


We've managed to work around this by duplicating properties from the custom object into the Contact and tracking the changes using workflows, however this is still a pretty clunky process (though it's less clunky than before the existance of Custom Objects, where we had to do this almost entirely manually if data changed)


So please; can we, when sending automated emails to contacts, include Personalisation Tokens fro custom object attached to these contacts? The UI suggests this is already possible, but unfortunately it doesn't actually work right now.

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@benpmg  - THIS! Just ran headlong into this one as well. I've spent a lot of time working on trying to get data, in my case bankers who do not use HubSpot, into a separate object so I can send "from" them, only to find that I can't pull that data in and have it work. I did a similar workaround, but... gah... 


Yes! We just ran into this. It would be an awesome add and seems like a simple one. Why are we allowed to add personalization tokens from a custom object if they won't show up in the actual email?

Teilnehmer/-in | Diamond Partner

I have this same issue - with a many:many relationship between Contacts and Activities (custom object), I want to send an email to a contact pulling in tokens from the event they have registered for, but I can't work out how to do this... it doesn't seem like it is possible? One contact can register for multiple activities (and I want them to get an email about each), and each activity will have multiple attendees. 


@HubGem yes that is frustrating. Have you tried creating a custom object based workflow? 


It would be easier if we could use custom object information in contact workflows, but unfortunately you can't do if/then branches in contact-based workflows using custom object properties. I hope HubSpot adds this functionality soon...


Also running into this issue. It's available to use when creating an email but doesn't work? Why even offer the custom objecta available?


I'm setting up a device registration and want to send an email to the end user with the HubSpot unique RecordID for the custom object for a reference but this doesn't work. Very frustrating indeed.


This is a great idea and something I want as an enterprise customer. Why allow custom objects in automated emails but not other types of emails?

Ratgeber/-in | Partner

Have been pointed at this thread by HubSpot support. I am wanting to send an automated email to contacts referencing property values from associated objects - just like you would do for a company or deal etc. But the values are in associated custom objects and the email personalization fails.


The current situation and limitations for custom objects use here look to be absurd - you are able to creat the personalization tokens you want in emails (for example) but you cannot preview their functionality (or non-functionality as it turns out) via test emails or previews? You can reference some types of associated objects, but not others? I'm normally a evangelist for the suberb integration of cusom object use across the various HubSpot tools, but this pointless limitation has shaken my faith.


Please fix this blind spot HubSpot team - and make available the full potential of the association & personalization mechanisms for outbound emails etc.

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Partner

Same issue here and having to copy properties back to the ticket object in order to add them to emails.


Our challenge is that we have a 1:many relationship from ticket: custom object, and ideally, don't know how many (likely <10) associations, so would have to create 10x additional properties and copy each every time, even if blank.  


Anyone know if these properties can be aggregated into a string and then copied?  Open to suggestions.




I have the same issue. We have an object where one contact has multiple object instances, and I thought using custom objects would be a realistic way to attach them to the contact and include them in an email. But I guess this will have to be a clunky workaround process (like almost everything is in Hubspot for Customer Success teams).

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Platinum Partner

Hey, same here. Its very complicated to think about all processes and which kind of workflows to use when sending emails with custom object tokens. Also i would like to use custom object tokens in the "From name" and "From Address". 


+1 here.  Running into the same issue.  I can easily add fields to the body of the email but need the "From name" and "From Address" custom object option.


We added placeholder fields on the contact record and then created workflows that send the emails. In those workflows: it pulls the value from the custom object into that placeholder field, sends the email, and then clears the field so it can be used again. Not ideal, but it works. 

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Partner

Ended up doing the same.  To build the string from the 1:many, had use another temporary object property to build the list as the workflow is run; ulimately, clearing those same temporary fields after having been used.


Having this same exact issue. It's odd that the Custom Object's properties appears in the email, but then sends blank.

HubSpot Employee

this would be great for tracking things like service end dates in a custom object record and using this to drive urgency with customers 🙂


This is still so crucial. I know in workflows you can add data from other objects drilling down by the most recently added/associated - it would be nice to add this feature to email personalization so we can just deliver tokens from custom objects. 

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Platinum Partner

Back at it 6 months later and still needing this feature! Its way to messy to copy all the info on the contact that is needed. I understand that its possible using a workaround with deleting the fields afterwards but some of the information i will need in the future to include in my lead score or target my contacts.. HubSpot Product team please fix this!! 


We can't associate a custom object via Workflows. We can't pull in personalization tokens from custom objects in an email...I'm not seeing any reason to use custom objects as "Events" that the contact can get added to.

We have recurring weekly events that happen and I don't want to clear data each time on the contact record.
I just want to create a new "Event" under my custom object, when a user registers, associate the contact to the "Event" they registered for > then send them a confirmation email with their dynamic event details. The Workflows can then be set up to wait until 1 week before [Event_start_date] > send email. Wait until 1 Day before [Event_start_date] > send email. 

I would set up 1 workflow with dynamic emails and never have to update or touch it again.
I then just set up a new event with the proper criteria each week. Simple.

I do this in Ontraport all the time, how is this not yet available in HubSpot? My mind is going crazy right now.

Mitglied | Platinum Partner

Please enable this functionality! Do to the syncronus nature of HubSpot workflow, pulling data from custom object to the temp feilds on the contact object isn't fool proof and can have some unintend side effects. It would be so much cleaner if we could just pull associated object properties into emails. Thank you. 


This. Please make this a reality soon.