Use Conversations from the Mobile App

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!

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Use Conversations from the Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team
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Use Conversations from the Mobile AppHubSpot Product Team
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The most current version of our iOS and Android apps now have Conversations functionality if you opt into it in Settings. Feel free to file new ideas for any specific features you would find useful on the mobile version of this tool.

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The best way to get notified about a new chat is by a notification on the mobile phone even if you are at your desk. This is a very time sensitive function. I think all conversations should be possible to have in the mobile app.

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This is the only thing stopping us from using Messages on our site and moving from Intercom to HubSpot for all customer interactions. We reply heavily on the Intercom mobile app to respond to customers as we work globally.

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Create a standalone iOS and Android Messages app first and foremost!

In the interim, perhaps build in Messages notifications in the CRM app which link to a responsive web chat window.


If the person has a customer record in the CRM app, allow us to jump straight to it, perhaps also highlight their Lead Status and Lifecycle Status, number of deals or if there are any tasks outstanding.

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At list at first time just send us notification on the mobile app that someone has left a message, so we can rush to the desktop computers.

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I'm just replying to this thread in the hopes that I'll get the earliest notice possible when this feature becomes available. I'd love for my team to chat with website visitors, but none of us can afford to sit around our desks all day just in case someone pops in. We currently use and love Intercom. See if you can a) buy them out, b) license their technology, c) model your own chat client on theirs, or d) allow for integration with chat clients like Intercom.

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My sales folks are always away from their PCs, having this on their phones means we can interact with customers immediately.  VERY important for my business.


We serve a 18h market coverage so I'd love it if I could reply to website messages via my app when Im traveling home or away from my laptop!

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I was just now looking for a way to be online for messages but from my cell phone, and able to be available on the go. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

I kind of felt sad when I found out this feature is not yet available.

I guess will have to wait Smiley Happy


This is an absolute critical function in today's market. Please just look at the Drift messaging App and rip that off. Receive real time alerts and notifications on mobile and respond directly like an IM


We use itnin clients e-commerce sites and the interaction (and close) rates are incredible

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Any update on when we can expect this to go to mobile? We're about to sign a contract for the Front chat in a week or so, but would still prefer the Hubspot chat if that was available on mobile.