Use Conversations from the Mobile App

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!

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This needs to be an app. I keep missing out on people talking to me on the website because I'm not always at my laptop

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 I just posted that this really needs to be a feature. Intercom is going to win me over because of their mobile app.

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Just copy Intercom and it will be amazing! thanks

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I think for a lot of businesses it's imperative to have this Messages functionality on the mobile app. Who can afford to sit by their computer all day logged in just in case someone contacts you?


We need to be able to specify the schedule that we want to be made available for Messaging. The app should be intelligent enough to look at our calendars and if we are not in a meeting we are available for chatting should a potential customer want to. This is the base level of functionality that we should have.


Beyond that here are some other suggestions:

 - Speech to text so we can speak our answers rather than type them

 - Template type of feature for common responses we might want to give. e.g. If a customer says, "How do I view my invoice?", we can have a canned response that has all the information including links to various other items such as tutorial videos, etc.

 - Messaging availability is controlled through a schedule (that respects meetings) not only logging in and out. We might forget to log in in the morning and could potentially miss out on customers

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Another vote for this.  At the moment I'm using Drift ( for live chat, which has all of the above and more. If HubSpot Sales were to approach Messages from a mobile first perspective - ability to respond to messages from mobile and disable / enable chat via the app - I'd be 100% on board and would certainly switch to the paid version. 👍🏼

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I'm glad it's been introduced, but until it's integrated with the HubSpot mobile app, or even as a standalone mobile app, it just isn't worth installing. Better to use a 3rd party chat app for the time being.


I need this on Android!

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Definitely also looking for a way to easily communicate with visitors while on the move. From the HubSpot-app would be ideal from my perspective, then also being able te receive push-notifications when a website visitor starts chatting would be awesome.

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This would be a great idea. I've previously used Intercom and Zopim for Live chat which was great!
Some features that would be useful in the app would be saved replies (including hyperlinks within the replies)

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Any update when this will be released? Was hoping it would be announced today at Inbound.