Use Conversations from the Mobile App

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!

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Hubspot is awesome, however the app does leave a lot to be desired.  Just having the functionality to respond to live chat like on the desktop is huge.  I am a small business so responding to the chat is competely up to me, it seems like an easy integration? Maybe for a short term fix just have hubspot send a text to your phone that you can respond to via text so you can text back and forth with the customer but it appears as chat to them?  Right now getting an email on your phone, then getting out your laptop opening up Hubspot and chatting with them is too many steps.  That can take several minutes on a good day, and by that time the visitor may be gone.  Love Hubspot and would love you more once this gets handled! 

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This is a most have for a professional on the go! We work from laptops and have the ability to move around and get our work done. With the messages now the email alert is not super efficient. We have missed messages. That is not great customer support!  We hope to have this super soon!! I would love to be able to reply on the fly!

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I'd love this feature. 


I use Intercom right now to support messaging within out SaaS product and receive notifications through the mobile app and the web app. They also have an autoresponder call "operator" that communicates our hours if a message is submitted after hours and tells the person how long it normally takes to get a response. 



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 I would really welcome this feature!  Any idea when it’s due? 

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Yes this feature would be great. At Sailing Virgins we are based in the Caribbean. I find myself in remote places with very limited connection and on boats, unable to pull out the computer. Being able to use messages on the road, to be able to start a sequence and things like that, would be great. Nice work everyone at HubSpot! James

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We need this feature soon as possible. Email notification wont be enough. There should be able to link sales pro users mobile numbers to chat which they use calling. There should be at least mobile notification real time when someone is chatting. There are times when you are doing something else on the office than sitting on laptop and If you get notification to mobile in your pocket you can go straight away back to the computer and start chatting. Next step is that you see what someone is chatting and you have for example three different replies saved on app and you choose which one you send. Forexample "could you please wait a second" and you get time to get back to your computer and start chatting before potential customer leaves. Final step real time chat via mobile.  Thanks!

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That would be great!!

I know that Olark for instance doesn t have an app but integrates with iOS and Android app like that one ->



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We want to switch from Intercom to Messages, but there is no mobile functionality to make this possible. Our reps are on the road a lot and will need to respond a lot from their phones. 


It would be great to have an app or a Slack integration so that our reps can respond via mobile. 

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This is absolutely required for smaller teams. Especially we have the contacts are required to be routed to the owner, where owner can be on road.

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This is a no brainer Hubspot – make this happen quickly and integrate it into your existing mobile app.
It's a shame this doesn't already exist, other CRMs tools make this possible.