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Usage of custom code outputs in workflow if/then branches

HubSpot Team,


My team and I believe it would be incredibly useful if we could have the ability to copy data outputs from custom code for use in if/then conditionals in workflows. With an update like this, we could create workflows that are far more robust when it comes to meeting certain conditions for automations to trigger.



The Kennected Team

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Of course, it is possible to first save these outputs to a property, though it would be far more efficient to be able to use it from directly within the workflow.


Doesnt make sense that we can't use an output from custom code to branch handling.  Makes no sense why this was overlooked by OperaitonsHub developers.  Can someone from @hubspot shed some light here?


100% agree. My workflows are throwing errors that can't be handled, because I can not test if the output is empty or not. Therefore it is also getting challenging to differentiate real errors in the action logs and just "expected" errors.


I agree with the above comment. We need the ability to check the output value before we update a property in an object. 

Upvoting this idea.