Urgently need to filter a List of Contacts who have filled Forms "containing" specific keywords


Hi there,

Due to the multiple languages we support for our marketing materials and the high diversity of Forms we've created for each language, we currently manage a few hundreds of forms in our Lists, Workflows and Lead Scoring.


Our major problem with the way these Forms are managed by Hubspot is that we can't create a filtering condition in a List of Contacts using an expression like "Contact has filled at least one Form which name contains" + a keyword (or a combination of) we've used in a series of Forms. As a consequence, we have to create one different filtering condition for EACH webform!

Unlike the Forms, when you create a filtering condition on Page View, you can select such "flexible" operators, so it should be possible to do the same for the Forms:



This great enhancement would save a great amount of time to our marketing team and reduce the risk of forgeting to update our existing Lists, Workflows and Lead Scoring each time we create a new Form from an existing similar series of Forms.


Many thanks in advance to implement this enhancement soon!

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This would be very useful!