Uploading multiple images at the same time to a gallery or slider

When uploading images you should be able to upload multiple images at a time. It is extremely time consuming when we have to upload one image at a time. It'd be great if we could select multiple images and/or drag and drop for sliders or galleries. 

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The handling of 100+ images in the galleries should be supported easily without degradation of performance.


Marketers have many needs for extensive photo galleries.  I am going to spend the day figuring out how to create a gallery and share it on the web through either dropbox or creative cloud.  This will be another confusing detail for me or my successors to maintain.  All the images belong in hubspot. 


On a side note hubspot should adapt their pricing model to consider the size of the website in storage as people want to store more media online.  

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Is there still no solution to this?

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The gallery process is so clunky. I've already uploaded them into a folder in hubspot, but when I want to import them into a gallery I have to click 'add image', wait 5 or more seconds for the file manager to load, search for the folder, then i can only select one, then it has to load. Just to upload 30 images I feel really frustrated.


Surely you should at least be able to select multiple images that are already in your file manager? At best, the ability to upload multiple files straight into the gallery. 

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Image galleries are a basic option since years everywhere else except in HubSpot, it's time to fix it!!! Images are content and content is the first ingredient of Inbound. The whole HS gallery process is... incredible, no one developer at HS has probably ever tried to create a gallery made of more then 20 photos, please try and you'll suffer my same pain. The lightbox too doenst work as it's supposed and should be improved.

Please anyone with different, working solutions (not embedding Flickr please, it doesnt work)?

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The image uploading procedure is really frustrating and slow, and once the gallery is created (in lightbox mode), there are some serious alignment issues :


- The gallery has a weird margin/padding on the right (ONLY on the right) that can't be removed from the options, making the whole gallery make it look like it's not centered at all

- The image that opens up in lightbox doesn't vertically resize correctly, and is not vertically aligned in the page. Resizing the page doesn't cause an image resizing, which is extremely important due to the basic principles of responsiveness and usability.

The module NEEDS to be fixed, because images are extremely important in Inbound Marketing.

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Agree with everyone in this stream. Image galleries are to critical not to be an easy upload process. Goodbye to the next 2 days of productivity so I can have a gallery of projects.

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I would love to see this feature. 

We would like to post product images from different angles. 



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I am very annoyed with this. I ahve 50 images to add. The option to add more than 1 at a time should be implemented very soon. and looks like this has been posted last year and nothing?

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This is a much-needed improvement. We just launched a new template for our project portfolio. We have about 31 projects, each of which has 10-40 photos. It takes me about 6 clicks to upload a single photos. That's 3,720 repetitive, mind-numbing clicks, each of which is followed by a delay as the File Manager loads the next folder or file. This is an absurd waste of my time and an invitation for carpal tunnel syndrome. 


It's been just over a year since @genomejeff pointed out this problem. Please fix! 

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Hello Hubspot,


I just wanted to check in and ask if any progress has been made on this issue. The process of adding multiple images to a gallery is extremely time-consuming and frustrating. Hoping some relief is in sight!


Thanks for your consideration and any new information.




The new functionality (released to our account today) is worse than before - previously, you could only see a thumbnail and sorting images was a nightmare, you had to incrementally drag and drop to get one from the bottom to the top, now the drag/drop changed to rows with microscopic icons that only show the image on hover - try sorting a slider with this many new images - add an image to the bottom that you want to be after a specific photo that you can't see:



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Dear HubSpot - uploading multiple images is such a basic feature that needs to go live asap. Is this feature in the works? Does anyone have an ETA?

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If there is one thing that after 5 hours of testing is putting me off than it is the fact that you cannot attach multiple photos to message, any email client in the world can do this.