Uploading Contact Photo w/o a contact email address

Is anyone able to tell me why I'm only able to upload a photo of my contact when the email address field is populated?  Some of my contacts don't have company email addresses making this a decent sized conflict.  How can I import a picture of them otherwise?



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Community Manager

Hi @mbartko, the reason that you aren't able to upload pictures for contacts without email addresses is because in the CRM, pictures are linked to email addresses. For instance, since I've added a picture of myself to my own contact record, if you add me as a contact in your portal with my email address, that same picture will appear. Therefore, the best solution might be to add in their personal email addresses if you have them. In addition, because this post is on our Ideas forum, your feedback on introducing the ability to upload pictures for contacts without email addresses will also be considered by our Product team!