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Upload subtitles to social videos

The only way to add native subtitles to LinkedIn and Facebook video uploads, is by either

  • Posting directly from LinkedIn/Facebook, skipping HS
  • Hard-coding your subs into the video, then posting through HS

Since the user experience on LinkedIn and Facebook is far superior with native subtitles rather than hard-coded ones, we now post directly through LinkedIn and Facebook instead of HubSpot social.


Uploading caption files alongside videos would be very valuable for us, as it would allow us to post through HubSpot and have proper insights and metrics.

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It would be incredibly helpful to be able to upload subtitles for all videos in Hubspot, both those pushed out to social, and those on Hubspot Landing Pages.  Not only is it a bad user experience for visitors in general, but it is a huge roadblock in creating a fully accessible experience, not too mention the SEO implications.  


It would be great if we're able to upload SRT files alongside videos in HubSpot so we can be posting everything in one place. Currently, our users are having to post videos directly through LinkedIn, skipping HS & not being able to schedule the posts in advance. 


This would be invaluable - given the research [that even HubSpot has on this] - we all know that including cc on videos shared on socials is a MUST HAVE in present times. And viewers like the option of including or excluding it themselves. 

It's all about the inclusivity:



I completely agree!

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This is essential - keen to see the ability to include .srt files along with a video to be posted through the HubSpot Social tool.


This is an absolute essential from an accessibility perspective - not being able to do this means we cannot use Hubspot videos to provide accessible content to our customers! Hubspot, please look at enable captions in Hubspot video!


Totally agree - video subtitles are an essential. If the subtitles are directly included in the video file they won't fit as well as if inserted as a SRT file. Right now it's a tradeoff between insights and accessibility which shouldn't be the case. We're also keen to see the ability to include .srt files along with a video to be posted through the HubSpot Social tool.


No brainer, must have considering this is a Marketing platform.


Big pain point. Would also like the ability to pull from Vidyard videos vs. the HubSpot video library.


This is a huge pain point for us right now and is already making us reconsider our choice of Hubspot for our marketing efforts considering the cost of the platform.


Native subtitles are an essential, basic feature for video accessibility. Burned-in/hard-coded subtitles are better than nothing but still not enough for accesibility purposes. All professional video publishing and social media platforms have had native subtitle features for years.


If you have a video-centric/video-first content strategy in 2022 this means that right now Hubspot's social media publishing/scheduling and CMS in terms of video hosting has zero value for you as you'll have to manually publish your videos on each platform to upload your subtitle files natively as polle mentions (thus missing a bunch of metrics as Hubspot only logs them for posts you've scheduled through the platform), and Hubspot's own video hosting for the CMS hub is very, very barebones and doesn't have native subtitle features either (so you either burn-in your subtitles or rely on a different video hosting provider any way).


We recently made updates to our website to make it more accessible, and we have started adding more videos as well. I was shocked to see that there are no caption options in HubSpot video. This is a huge oversight.


This would be a great feature to have !

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This would be a tremendous asset for accessibility purposes. 😁🌐


This is a must-have, please prioritize this HubSpot team.


I second this thought. It would be great to be ADA compliant (which isn't just about compliance, it's the right thing to do) without sacrificing the analytics we get from HubSpot...

Currently, the only way to do it is to post a video directly on a social channel with the .SRT file. Doing so, however, means the analytics from those social posts do not flow into HubSpot and are lost. 


Please consider this.


This would be great. I agree with what the poster said above as well, it would make using HubSpot a lot more intuitive!


I completely agree. We publish a lot of videos to LinkedIn during certain times of year, and SRT files are a must! Most people watch videos muted on social media before unmuting them. By not being able to include an SRT file in a HubSpot video post to social, this makes us have to post natively on LinkedIn. Posting natively doesn't allow us to schedule posts in advance AND stats don't flow through to HubSpot (and we can't add the posts to existing HubSpot campaigns). Being able to add SRT files to video social posts would be so great in HubSpot! 


This would be so helpful for us! Most people view social videos on mute, so uploading with captions is a must. Especially for increase accessibility!


I think this would take our scheduling to another level, most people watch videos muted so having the capability of uploading and SRT file would be very beneficial.


I added some code to a page which hosted a video on hubspot which went something along these lines (You will have to upload both the video and a vtt file):

track = document.createElement("track");
track.kind = "captions";
track.label = "English";
track.srclang = "en";
track.src="/video-track.vtt"; // Will be whereever you upload it
$("#player").append(track);  // Appending it to the Video player (using ID)
track.addEventListener("load", function() {
this.mode = "showing";
video.textTracks[0].mode = "showing";

I added this as a script in the footer of the page. Might help someone else.