Upload subtitles to social videos


The only way to add native subtitles to LinkedIn and Facebook video uploads, is by either

  • Posting directly from LinkedIn/Facebook, skipping HS
  • Hard-coding your subs into the video, then posting through HS

Since the user experience on LinkedIn and Facebook is far superior with native subtitles rather than hard-coded ones, we now post directly through LinkedIn and Facebook instead of HubSpot social.


Uploading caption files alongside videos would be very valuable for us, as it would allow us to post through HubSpot and have proper insights and metrics.

2 Replies

It would be incredibly helpful to be able to upload subtitles for all videos in Hubspot, both those pushed out to social, and those on Hubspot Landing Pages.  Not only is it a bad user experience for visitors in general, but it is a huge roadblock in creating a fully accessible experience, not too mention the SEO implications.  


It would be great if we're able to upload SRT files alongside videos in HubSpot so we can be posting everything in one place. Currently, our users are having to post videos directly through LinkedIn, skipping HS & not being able to schedule the posts in advance.