Upload new Document while personalizing Sequence or Template send


My company often sends invoices, specifications, or finishes of our products via email with an attachment. This changes on a per client basis. We would like to be able to attach documents to a template or sequence in the editing phase right before sending. 



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Apr 6, 2020

Hi Community!


We are currently planning to include the ability to insert images and documents as attachments to sequences at the moment of enrollment. This would allow users to add images, and files like .pdf, .ppt, .mov and more to a specific email in a sequence. This would upload and send the email with this file attached without requiring the use of the "Documents" tool and would not upload the file into your team's shared File Manager. This will be designed to help users send images or documents that are only meant for the recipient of the sequence.


I will update here once we have made progress on this planned work.




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Sep 20, 2017

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Mar 22, 2017

Hey @veronicatavares this already exists as a Sales Pro feature, you can check out the Documents tool here: An overview of Documents

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N.b. I just noticed that if you use send the sequence from gmail and add the attachment before setting up the sequence it does send the attachment with the first email...

Helps a bit but seems a bit flaky and wouldn't work for emails after the first one.


+1 again. Any movement on this HubSpot?   


Need to be able to attach documents to a sequence from within HubSpot! 

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Hi @jennbudins - If you have a GIF/Video of this, that would be amazing as we couldn't get your solution to work so maybe we're missing a step?  Thanks!


@BeccaArmistead - do you have any more guidance on this? We would be suuuuper excited about this feature.


@smarcher18 Did you ever hear back or find a potential workaround? I agree that this feature would be huge. Thanks


@vikramsethurama -- no, no luck on this. Would love to see a solution here.


Yes this would be a VERY useful feature. Right now I have to choose between using sequences and NOT in order to send an attachment.


One workaround would be if I could upload a document within the email interface very easily, then link to it in the sequence. It's just not viable to go to the Documents section for each little quote/audit I might have to work with.


@jennbudins @BeccaArmistead This would be a very useful -- was submitted 18 months ago - Is there hope?
I'm surprised this isn't a feature actually, given that HubSpot is all about customizing automation to be 'personalized automation'.

I tried the gmail copy paste.. copying the image from the message text box in gmail, over into the sequence in the Hubspot CRM , but no luck. 
This would be an AWESOME feature.. Any update on this feature would be fantastic. Thanks!! 

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We just hit a an unanticipated speed bump with our prospecting when we found out this feature was not currently available. Would be really nice if the dev team could prioritize this addition.


I love this idea! I know that there is the "documents" feature, but it's a bit of a hassle to upload our individual quotes as documents. Would much rather just have the option to attach them. 


+1 asap


This is a mission-critical feature that I need for my sequences. What I need specifically is the ability to add a custom (e-mail specific) image in the first e-mail in the sequence. 

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Hello guys, this is possible by pasting an img tag into the editor window. See the GIF file I am attaching.


For example, just paste this text into the editor window:


<img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e0/SNice.svg/1024px-SNice.svg.png" height="100 "width="100">

2018-08-30 bild in sequenz einfuegen.gif

P.S. You might have to click on the image link above, the preview does not seem to work.


+1 this would be really great to have.


Another vote for this feature.  


Currently, I have a sequence starting at what I would consider "Email 2" which I have to schedule to follow the initial email.  I'm skipping the attachment I wish I had in the later messages, and instead referencing the separate email I send first.  Time consuming, but this is my work-around if it helps anyone.


This would be great if I can add a quote, invoice or any document when personalizing the sequence email.

It's easy...just add the little paperclip in it's normal place 😄

Thanks guys!


@ecohn Exactly +1


This is a mission-critical feature that I need for my sequences. What I need specifically is the ability to add a custom (e-mail specific) image in the first e-mail in the sequence. 


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This is a no brainer feature that will have a 10x impact on the campaigns. 
It can be technically done in 2 days. 
But it has been idle. WHY?


Still hoping this gets added.  


The Hubspot response from @vbrech  in January does not solve the attachment issue.  Thanks!