Upload new Document while personalizing Sequence or Template send

My company often sends invoices, specifications, or finishes of our products via email with an attachment. This changes on a per client basis. We would like to be able to attach documents to a template or sequence in the editing phase right before sending. 



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Hey @veronicatavares this already exists as a Sales Pro feature, you can check out the Documents tool here: An overview of Documents

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Hi @roisinkirby, we spoke with May from hubspot over chat and were told to suggest this as an idea as it does not exit. When personalizing the sequence, we would like to be able to attach something. That is currently not possible. It would be great to be able to attach things to email as a personalization and not as the standard for the sequence/template.


Please refer to Support Ticket #528734

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My business would benefit greatly given the ability to insert unique images into HubSpot email sequences. For example, I send a sequence to customer A and utilize a unique image for customer A, while using the same sequence for customer B but utilizing a different unique image for customer B. This allows me to customize the sequence for each customer, just as I would edit text in the sequence for each unique customer. 

At present, I am using stand-alone emails beyond the sequence to insert and send unique images to customers, but it is a real pain! Would love for HubSpot to integrate images into its sequence platform. 

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THsi feature would be very desirable, any movement on it? 

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I agree this would be a nice feature. You can add documents but I would like to personalize certain emails with specific documents. Can I suggest this as a feature?

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I learned today from a HubSpot employee that you can do this by pasting your image in gmail and then copy/paste it into the sequence in the CRM. I tried it and it works. Didn't work when I copy/pasted it from Word but Gmail it worked.

This is obviously not ideal since it's an additional step but a workaround in the meantime while HubSpot hopefully adds the 'Add image' function to the Sequence editing in the CRM. Smiley Happy

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This will be def great to have. Sequences are not personalized and part of doing this while enrolling contacts on a sequence is adding doccuments we woul want them to see. I vote for this!

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Having the ability to personalize the sequence by adding an attachment would be extremely helpful for our sales reps. It would be unideal to consistently have to change our "templates" just to use "Sequences."

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Also need this...come on Hubspot, I'm finding way too many things missing!