Upload new Document while personalizing Sequence or Template send

My company often sends invoices, specifications, or finishes of our products via email with an attachment. This changes on a per client basis. We would like to be able to attach documents to a template or sequence in the editing phase right before sending. 



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*only tested on GMAIL

1. create a New Email

2. Upload the image into email via Google Drive ( this stores the email in the cloud - which is critical )

3. Enter some text below or above the image ( dont ask..just do it or it wont work )

4. Copy All the Text and embedded Image(s)

5. Create a new Email and click Sequence

6. Select a Sequence Template

7. Paste the Clipboard content where you want into the email.

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None of the solutions mentioned previously worked for me, but I found a somewhat easy workaround solution. Upload the image to https://imgbb.com/ then copy the HTML code and paste it where you want the image in the sequence. This has worked for me every time and is relatively easy to do in bulk with many images/sequences! 

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Any recent developments? Please advise. 

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We have a template set up for emailing quotations. Great!

We would like to add the comprehensive quote (pdf) as a document rather than an attachment. This allows us to then review when the document has been opened and how long the contact is spending on each page reviewing our proposal.


The current process is quite long winded. Once we have produced the quotation, we have to upload it to documents first and then go into quote templates and edit the template and search for the relevant document to add in.


Ideally we would like to be able to upload the document via our template directly from our server to streamline the process much quicker.


Digits crossed you can come up with a solution!

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I concur - this is highly desired and desparately needed. A little concerned that this has not been addressed by now

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It would be a huge help to allow for files to be attached to emails within a sequence. It creates another few steps to then have to upload a file to documents,  create a shareable link and then imbed it within the email.  


Otherwise, love if you can integrate Dropbox and Hubspot to automate the creation of documents or files to then create shareable links. 


*specific to sending over sales proposals that are unique to every client

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I've seen that it wasn't possible to attach document on a template or a sequence because it's better for Hubspot tracking. In understand, but in our case it's a major blocker as in some places they won't click the link but rather  download the file. It would thus be great to have the option to attach a file in templates and in sequences even if it's not tracked, it would save us a lot of hours per week !



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Yes. It would be great. Document tool is good but sometimes the attachment is better and keeps all along the thread. We at goytia need this possibility also.

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Any updates on this feature?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

Hi Community!


We are currently planning to include the ability to insert images and documents as attachments to sequences at the moment of enrollment. This would allow users to add images, and files like .pdf, .ppt, .mov and more to a specific email in a sequence. This would upload and send the email with this file attached without requiring the use of the "Documents" tool and would not upload the file into your team's shared File Manager. This will be designed to help users send images or documents that are only meant for the recipient of the sequence.


I will update here once we have made progress on this planned work.




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@glencornell Just checking to see if you have a timeline for the feature update?