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Upload new Document while personalizing Sequence or Template send

My company often sends invoices, specifications, or finishes of our products via email with an attachment. This changes on a per client basis. We would like to be able to attach documents to a template or sequence in the editing phase right before sending. 



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N.b. I just noticed that if you use send the sequence from gmail and add the attachment before setting up the sequence it does send the attachment with the first email...

Helps a bit but seems a bit flaky and wouldn't work for emails after the first one.

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+1 again. Any movement on this HubSpot?   


Need to be able to attach documents to a sequence from within HubSpot! 

Gerente da comunidade
Gerente da comunidade

Hi @jennbudins - If you have a GIF/Video of this, that would be amazing as we couldn't get your solution to work so maybe we're missing a step?  Thanks!

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@BeccaArmistead - do you have any more guidance on this? We would be suuuuper excited about this feature.

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@smarcher18 Did you ever hear back or find a potential workaround? I agree that this feature would be huge. Thanks

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@vikramsethurama -- no, no luck on this. Would love to see a solution here.

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Yes this would be a VERY useful feature. Right now I have to choose between using sequences and NOT in order to send an attachment.


One workaround would be if I could upload a document within the email interface very easily, then link to it in the sequence. It's just not viable to go to the Documents section for each little quote/audit I might have to work with.

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@jennbudins @BeccaArmistead This would be a very useful -- was submitted 18 months ago - Is there hope?
I'm surprised this isn't a feature actually, given that HubSpot is all about customizing automation to be 'personalized automation'.

I tried the gmail copy paste.. copying the image from the message text box in gmail, over into the sequence in the Hubspot CRM , but no luck. 
This would be an AWESOME feature.. Any update on this feature would be fantastic. Thanks!! 

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We just hit a an unanticipated speed bump with our prospecting when we found out this feature was not currently available. Would be really nice if the dev team could prioritize this addition.

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I love this idea! I know that there is the "documents" feature, but it's a bit of a hassle to upload our individual quotes as documents. Would much rather just have the option to attach them.