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Updating Products via Workflows

Our company needs to update Product Descriptions via workflow. We have product descriptions that are based off the quantity that someone is purchasing. The triggers are something like, If Product Item is {Product Name} and Quantity is Equal to 10 then set product description to {Unique Product Description LIne}.

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We have a similar requirement.  Where, upon modification of quantity of a particular line-item, a discount is applied which increments at certain thresholds.   It is possible to define the IF..THEN part of the necessary logic in a workflow, tied to the quantity on the basis of certain SKU codes.  However, it is seemingly not possible to set properties of the line-item.  


Does anyone know how to do this or, alternatively, could this feature be added, please?


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Similar request, we've created a HubSpot Form and using it as a Client Brief, so when the Client chooses the product from the dropdown or from the list of it in the form - the Deal information updates and those products links to the Deal.


Product fields should be able to be updated via workflows. 

This would allow for automation we are used to getting with all other objects (deals, contacts companies etc). 


If a line item shows 'annual' billing frequency and term shows '36 months' I should be able to populate a field called 'number of invoices' to the number 3.


We also need to be able to automate product pricing as it shifts. Especially important with the rapid inflation being seen currently we need our system to be able to keep up. 


Great minds think alike!


Same here. We need something that populates properties.

For example, we would like to create a workflow that sets a new property value in % for Property: Unit Discounts based on the Customer Type.