Update options in 'Email' for positive attributes under Manual Lead Scoring

Could you update the options under 'Manual Lead Scoring > Email >' to incude 'any email' and 'email belonging to a certain campaign | certain type of email.'


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 14.52.00.png


This would allow us to incrementally score people engaging with a regular series of emails (such as our weekly newsletter) without having to manually add a new positive scoring attribute every week when we send out a new newsletter.


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For advanced lead scoring, we'd like to be able to add a positive score to contacts who have clicked on a certain email type. Or create a smart list and/or workflow of contacts who have been sent or clicked on an email type. That way we could more easily add, for instance, 10 points to contacts who clicked on product information emails but only 5 points to contacts who clicked on newsletters.

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Currenlty when doing list and workflow segmentation by email I am required to select a specific email and can only choose one. However, in many cases I want to specify ALL emails or groups of emails, especially by campaign. Currently the only way to do do this is to painstakingly clone each filter item and select each email I want to filter by.


For example, it is not possible to filter by contacts who have clicked any link in any email.


Likewise it is not possible to select all emails that are associated with a campaign and group them together, even though they are already grouped together in the campaigns tool.

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Contact opened any email be an option when making list criteria in workflows.

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You could do a filter based on the following contact property and filter value. Hope this helps! Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.59.23 PM.png






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We have a workflow to create a task for the hubspot owner when a contact clicked in a marketing email. Currently, we have to add each marketing email manually. That gives the risk of forgetting, of course. 

In the future, I would like this workflow to have criteria "contact clicked in any marketing email", so that we don't need to do this every time manually ... 

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 Yes, I agree--being able to build lists based action towards all emails grouped in a campaign would be great. Or at least being able to select multiple emails at once when building lists (ie. Clicked a link in any of these emails - then be able to select multiple).

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I agree, this is a needed feature for us too. Furthermore, adding the Any-Email or All-emails-related-to-this-one-campaign options within the Marketing Emails Filter (just like the Any-Form option within the Form Submission Filter) would enable us to refine by date for a more accurate email activity tracking. The workaround proposed by MGS802 is a good one but you can't either refine by campaign or by date.

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THIS. I do so many emails and some are automated, some arent, etc.


Those automated emails have their own nuturing campaign and rather than having to manually add in the email every single week (also why can't we at least choose more than one at a time??) it would be great if I could filter out by email type for workflows, lists, scoring....basically all the marketing stuff you guys are known for. 


I wanted to add a new lead scoring paramater for everyone who has clicked on automated email and for everyone who has clicked on a newsletter email, but as it stands, I have to go in now and do each.single.email.individually. If I can analyze the automated emails in the reporting feature of the email section, why I cant I separate those email types elsewhere?


Emails are typically done in batches/themes/campaigns but it's incredibly tedious the way it is set up now. 

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Has anyone found a great workaround for this other than manually adding every single email that's a part of your campaign to the list filters? I'd love to be able to say "has clicked/open at least 3 emails from X campaign" without having to enter every single email in that campaign in the filter (and update it each time I add a new email to the campaign)