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Update ‘import file’ unique identifiers to make it easier to update company records in HubSpot

Hi everyone,


I have the following problem:


I receive excel files with company records which I need to import to HubSpot with the only goal of updating their records (for example because the companies have been participating in an event, therefore I would like to ‘tag’ that in HubSpot.


We already have those company records in HubSpot. The problem however is that some companies have one headquarters and 3 local offices, which means that we already have 4 company records with the same domain address. Therefore, when I import a file, I cannot update the company I would like (in my case headquarters) because HubSpot uses 2 unique identifiers: ‘domain name’ & ‘record id’. So, since I cannot use the domain name the 2nd possibility is ‘record id’.  But to get the ‘record id’ I need to search for each company in HubSpot, and place that information in the excel sheet to import, so with the same success, I can add the tags manually. However, when you have more than 500 companies to update, it takes a lot of time to go through all of them.


Therefore I am asking, if it would be possible to either have a 3rd unique identifier for Headquarter / Local Office or even better (if possible) companies to have the right to choose their perfect 3 unique identifier which will allow them to use that property for imports as well as for integration purposes.


Thank you and have a great day! 🙂