Update company or contact fields within playbook

In our company we use playbooks to instruct sales and customer service employees.

In certain stages of the process we need then to check on company properties. It would be great if the playbook could show the current value of these properties and allow the user to enter them directly from the playbook.

In other words, not only enter  properties with predetermined values, but being able to create forms for ALL properties of the company/contact.


Especially since you can only display a limited number of properties on the default company page. It proves quite hard for sales people to manually browse/filter through ALL properties to find and fill in the proper ones (which vary per case). So playbooks would really resolve this in a very elegant way.

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Currently, playbooks allow us to "Use a set of answers that saves to a property." This maps to the Contact, Company or Deal properties for a record as you fill in the playbook. The playbook is also prepopulated if the value was previously known. Awesome.


It would be wonderful if properties that do not have predetermined options, like Single-line and Multi-line Text, could also be used in Playbooks. This would allow us to collect all info, and have info prepopulated, for all property types. 

Please and thank you.