Update a Meeting description without sending update

When I book a meeting through meetings or in my google calendar, it shows up on the person't Hubspot profile. After the meeting takes place I want to go back and add notes to that meeting. If I do this, I have to save and send updates to everyone. 


To get around this I end up logging the meeting seperately, and it's duplicated on their profile.  Please make it so I can edit past meeting without updating everyone!

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Joining in. 

What's the status on this? @hubspot 


Imo a crucial feature to log meeting notes. 

Now I also log a meeting next to the already present sheduled meeting which creates doubles. In reporting this automatically doubles the amount of meetings you have...



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I just searched for this topic as this issue only started happening recently despite me not making a settings change on my end. I actually like that upcoming meetings are being populated in Hubspot automatically but totally hate (yes, hate!) that I can't add notes to a past meeting without sending them to the attendee(s). The recommended solution of using the Note button isn't consistent with how many of us use this option which is typically for information unrelated to a call or meeting. That's the whole point of these different categories and the powerful filtering tool.


Would be great to hear what a proposed fix might look like from HubSpot's end even if you aren't ready to roll it out. Let us help you first confirm how your plan to solve this aligns with our actual pain. My suggestion would be to add a button that allows the meeting record to be saved without sending.

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Hubspot Team - I am having the exact same issue as the above.  Was this addressed?

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We need the ability to save the meeting without sending.  Apprears this works when the date has past.  This is a dire need!

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@LenForsyth I have spoken with the Hubspot team and they said at the moment this functionality does not send anything to the customer so we are keeping using it (but this is certainly a bug as the button says that it updates the customer)


However, I do not understand how we can use the meeting types that is quite important if it would be sending updates to clients.

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@Monika Thanks for the update! I tested this and it seems to be the case. Appreciate the help



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I agree with the above. There should be a "save and send update" + "save" button only. My sales team are monitored on meetings booked and I need to know when a meeting has been cancelled, without having to delete it completely from the system. I would like to be able to add a note "cancelled" and filter those cancelled meetings through my dashboard reports.  

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Totally need this improvment on Hubspot.

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This has got to be one of the least intuitive elements of HubSpot.

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HubSpot Product Team
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Please fix this.


A key for success to use hubspot is make sure sales people have low friction in their usage. And this is the kind of issue that prevent sales reps from using hubspot, which is the opposite of why an organization buy hubspot.....

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@glencornell , all hopes on you. This is an absolutely crucial feature! 

- Meeting MUST feature a seperate field (not the description) to write a meeting protocol, which is not reflected in the calender appointment (and therefore not disclosed to the external participant). I am genuinly puzzled how this is not available in a CRM.

- NICE TO HAVE: Define a template for these meeting notes for all employees

- NICE TO HAVE: Reminder functionality to create a task for the responsible sales rep if a protocol is not written after x days after the meeting took place. 

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@glencornell Thank you for looking into this feature - it is absolutely essential.

While we wait for a solution, I'm still stuck on figuring out what is the best place to log my meeting minutes. I can't really use the comments section associated with the meeting because multiple contacts and multiple hubspot users are present in one meeting so it makes it very difficult to go back and find the meeting minutes.

If I manually log the meeting and enter my notes - this replicates the already existing meeting record created automatically from our calendars and messes up our reporting. 

'Notes' also doesn't work since there are multiple contacts present in th meeting so I would have to go to each contact record and create a note. 

What is the best solution in the interim?