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Update a Meeting description without sending update

When I book a meeting through meetings or in my google calendar, it shows up on the person't Hubspot profile. After the meeting takes place I want to go back and add notes to that meeting. If I do this, I have to save and send updates to everyone. 


To get around this I end up logging the meeting seperately, and it's duplicated on their profile.  Please make it so I can edit past meeting without updating everyone!

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @monmc thanks for the post!


Can I ask if there is a particular reason why you/your team don't use the Notes tool on the contact record to record meeting details? You are able to pin these notes (as depicted below) as well as @mention any CRM users you'd like to notifty

These details will not be viewed by your leads/customers. 




Hi Rosin!


Well for starters, because it's not intuitive to use notes instead of logging a meeting. But also the meeting is already logged in their profile, and it gets cluttered to have the meeting logged (with the info that was in the meeting invite only) and then have an additional note about the same meeting. Plus if I want to go back and look at all my meetings and isolate them, I will choose meetings in the timeline filter.


Lastly, I want to do this because meetings that have calendar invites attached are the only way to log meeting notes on more than 1 person's profile. I have meetings with 10+ people, and going to put a note into each person's profile is a huge waste of time and greatly decreases the likelihood my team and I will properly log the meeting for each individual involved.


Can you tag a team member when you log a meeting? That would be great, too!


Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

We need to both have a "Save WITHOUT sending update" button when editting a meeting


Have the facility to attached multiple Contacts to a Note or Logged event.


Both of these features are ones I assumed were available when I started using Hubspot a couple of weeks ago - having previously been a Salesforce user (where this is possible)


Just found this thread and I have to say. SPOT ON!! We are running into some very strange difficulites with Google Calendar integration. We wnat to have meetings in there but we dont always want to have it auto send. 


- We want to do notes after a meeting. This should be attached to a meeting and it would be more amazing if it was required on login or at least popped up to fill in meeting notes.


But the main thing is the illogical calendar integration. Sometimes you want to send invite. Sometimes you don't but in all cases i want them in my calendar and documented. Right now we are using Tasks when we dont want to send a meeting invite. Makes no sense. Trying to figure out a flow that works with our team but right now it all feels like a weird workaround for a fairly obvious thing. Having the ability to send or not send a meeting invite.




post meeting notes. (less important).


It would be great to book meetings without sending information to client altogether. I want to have the meeting reminder just for me (I have other means to inform client and do not want to duplicate the info).


I just started with Hubspot a few days ago and I already find the fact that you can't add minutes or notes from a meeting inside of the meeting description without having to send your personnal observations to your leads or customers very counter productive.

Unfortunately having it as a seperate note following the meeting and having the meeting descrption left empty doesn't make much sense to me. 

Wouldn't it make more sense to keep track and notes from a specific event inside of the box of this specific event?

There should be a feature in there that leaves you the choice with whom to share your observations or not at all and to have another tab with the minutes shared with another group of people. 


+1 this is totally confusing.


The Google Calendar sync often fails to pick up some details. Contacts are missing, deal is not assigned and so on. Or I may want to add some internal details to the meeting info.


I cannot edit anything on any meeting because it always states that updates will be sent to all attendees which is totally unacceptable. Would I want to send an update I'd do so explicitly and also through Google Calendar, not throug HubSpot anyway.


Great idea! we definitely need this! please make it happen


I agree with that. There should be a way to update and not be forced to send.


Totally agree. It makes no sense. The note within the meeting box and a send or not send updates. I am curious why it is the way it is now?


 Google does it, Salesforce does it, and heaven knows how many other calendaring choices allow you to change a meeting without sending updates.  Seriously HubSpot?  Need this!  


I just realised this was happening. So I've been sending clients updated meeting requests with additional notes that I've made for my own reference. Thankfully I'm professional about my notes.


There should be a field for the meeting description and a field for the additional meeting notes (these should be for my HubSpot teams eyes only).


I also agree that the option to send the meeting invite to all or just add to my calendar should be there.


I fully agree with this whole thread. HubSpot: GET ON THIS


Since we started using HubSpot, It has beenstandard practice for our sales reps to either make a note or editthe meeting after the meeting occured. One of our prospects recently emaile back saying he got an invitation that he did not want. NOT GOOD.


All we want is an option to edit the meeting after the meeting has occured WITHOUT sending an update to the contact.


Better yet, the option to add a note specifically associated with the meeting would make our lives so much better.


Its hard to beleive that this has been an issue for people since mid-2017 and Hub still hasn't done anything


This is not just an inconvenience, it affects our clients/prospects so it's significant.  When you book a meeting on google calendar it shows up in hubspot automatically as no meeting type - we then wish to go in and change the meeting type to 1st meeting, or follow up meeting, or contract review, etc etc - but, we can not do this without sending the meeting request to the client again?

It does not seem like a difficult fix to add an "update without sending" option here.


The ONLY workaround that doesn't seem too much of a headache is when it comes to update the meeting notes, do so by selecting '+ log meeting', update time n date and your notes, then delete the original meeting. voila!


Absolutely agree there needs to be a way to edit a meeting without sending an update to the client or other meeting attendees. In addition, to taking notes on a booked meeting (from google calendar or meetings link), it would also allow us to properly categorize the meeting with the "call and meeting type" drop down. Our reps are paid differently for calls vs in person meetings (which we identify through call types) but we haven't been able to edit the type field without sending an update to the meeting attendees. We realize we could set a call type in each rep's meetings link but then they'll have to remember which meetings link to use each time and this is problematic for the sales templates we have which use their default 15, 30, 60 min link across the board. It would be tough to define a specific call/meeting type for those meeting links since they are used for many purposes. 


PLEASE add "save without updating attendees" button. 




2 years and still no change? Come on @Hubspot, please add a "do not send update" option!


Please please please implement this feature! It is absolutely needed to properly manage the meetings follow up notes.

I would also recommend to evolve the Meeting Notes function giving admins the possibility to prepare a template, to be followed when a new post-meeting note is added. 


Hi Hubspot team,


I wanted to track the meeting types made by our reps to see whether certain meeting types are more effective for the conversion and how many of the meetings were performed of a certain type.


The problem is that when the meeting ends and I want to add this meeting type to the past meeting, there is no option to save it for the internal usage only - you can only send this as an update to the customer.


I do not want our customers to see that it was, for example, call to close or discovery call. 


The only way would be to delete the current meeting from the system and add a 'log' of the meeting, otherwise, the things will be duplicated.


Thanks for looking at it.