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Update Titles and Meta-descriptions in bulk

I'd like to edit the meta-info of my posts in a csv and then upload it to Hubspot to update titles and meta-descriptions in bulk.


For SEO people, it is very useful managing this info from a csv file so I can update or optimize my CTRs easly, so in this case, I think we'll need a column with the "post ID",  another column with the "URL", another with the new "Title" and another with the new "Meta-description", then you'd upload the file to Hs and that's it.



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Wait, you cannot import titles and descriptions in bulk when migrating from another CMS? OMG! HubSpot, a big company like yourself with so many SEO resources? How could you? 😞

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Yes! We need this. Please. 

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A bulk title tag management tool would be easy to build and should be an important feature of a SEO focused CMS.  


Especially when dealing with a multi-language migration, this would save a ton of hours on these projects.


Yes! We absolutely need this.


Yep - needed this myself as currently improving all the SEO of our hundreds of articles

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@lukesummerfield just a head's up. This would be an uber simple function.  Could work just like the great 301 redirect tool and would save SEO focused agency's a ton of time.  In WP, we use an allimport plugin for this often.  Pull in 100+ pages of tags written in a spreadsheet in seconds.  


Cheers and happy Friday!


yes please!!! this would be the best!!!