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Update Stage Properties Require Upon Deal Creation

I use the "update stage properties" to require users to fill out certain properties before they advance a deal to a given stage. However, when a user first creates a deal, they are able to bypass these requirements. This makes the "update stage properties" functionality ineffective at enforcing our stage based requirements.

An option that made it mandatory for users to fill out these feilds when they create and not just move a deal to a stage would allow us to better enforce require properties at different deal stages.

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We also absolutely need this to be fixed!


ps. I've seen reports of this issue a far back a 2017, I have no clue as why I takes so long for this bug to be addressed


This is becoming a huge issue for us. We use a connector to Netsuite and most of our deals can't get moved over because required information isn't being filled out when people bypass deal stages. 


It would also be great if we could require an associated company! It seems odd that you can't require that.


I think this would be very useful.


We have all those requirements for a deal to move to a certain stage, but it can just be created with that stage.


This is also quite an issue for us. Seems like an incredible obvious oversight by Hubspot.




Same issue, need to enforce certain properties are filled and they are being bypassed by skipping stages.


The stage property should be removed (or removable) from the deal creation form.


Today it is imposed by Hubspot as a mandatory field with the pipeline selection field at the top of the deal creation form.


1- Takes up useless real estate when there is only one pipeline and when processes should start from the first stage

2- Allows users to bypass the process by skipping ahead in the process