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Update Primary Contact-Company Association Label

Currently, the out of the box Primary association label for Contact and Company label can't be edited and is labelled as Primary.


Now when we use Primary association label when associating a contact to a company on viewing the contact record the right side view of the associated Company comes up with the label Primary which seems to be correct. But when we view the company record the right side view of the associated contact comes up with the label Primary Company (screenshot attached for reference). I believe the labels should either be reversed or it should just read as Primary for both.


Will highly recommend HubSpot look into fixing the naming convention on the contact-company Primary association label.




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Hey! Had the same HubSpot label hiccup. Contacted support, and they suggested tweaking in Sales Hub settings under "Associations." Changed it to just "Primary" for both contact and company. Easy fix! Give it a go!

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@MBrown78 we can't edit the out-of-the-box association label, how did you get around it?