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Update/Overwrite/Append Data Options for Contact Property Fields

Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from:
1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value


Sample use case(s):
Append Option: Notes Field
I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. If that contact later submits another query I don't want to lose the previous info from my records. I want to see the new information appended to that field.  (Can't keep creating new properties and using smart properties). 


Overwrite Option 
Standard as happens curently with most fields, if a contact enters a new phone number it overrides the previous data to keep it updated with the latest information.


Update if Blank option - Lead Source
When a lead comes in, I assign the Lead Source to it, but I only want that updated if there is no previous Lead Source assigned to it. I don't want subsequent forms to overwrite the value. Smart Field(s) works only partially because if I use the API to submit forms, smart fields do not stop it from being overwritten.



ステータスに更新: Not Currently Planned
April 10, 2020 03:01 PM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. It is currently possible to append data to a multiple checkbox property. Here is an article that describes that functionality. However, at this time, adding additional functionality to our import tool is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case. 


Very useful features, and very simple. Why it cannot be added?

HubSpot Employee

Posting on behalf of my customer, who is also requesting for a similar functionality.
Requested feature: Append 

If a user happens to submit this form more than once, and places a different value for a field than their original submission, they would like for both values to be stored under their record (append), and not for the new value to simply overwrite the original.


Append to value highly needed for notes/description field !!


The append feature would be life-changing.


We have a "Which products are you interested in?" multi-pick field which is offered on various forms. Currently, if an individual fills out multiple forms, the values are overwritten. 


Please look into making this an option! 


Hubspot, this idea is a several years old. Can you tell us if this change is being considered?


Absolutely need this feature! 


This is not "nice-to-have" functionality, this is "need-to-have" functionality! 




This would be absolutely invaluable. Currently struggling to find ways around capturing details from events and this would save so many issues. I'm surprised that this hasn't received more attention


Hubspot, this post is a couple of years old, can you tell us if this change is being considered on forms:

1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value

参加者 | Solutions Partner

This is so necessary. Without it our data management is hindered. 


We really need the update value if blank option too.


Please get this implemented soon. It really is damaging that we only have the option to override all data or just not import new properties at all. This has caused problems plenty of times for our sales and marketing departments. 


Yes, please have this. 


This is our #1 issue with HubSpot and it's frankly concerning that this was reported 2 years ago and it still hasn't been fixed. This functionality is present in every one of your competitors systems and it boggles the mind that someone thought that this was a good implementation for customer form field submissions. As it is currently set, everytime a customer leaves a message in our "Contact Us" form it erases all of their previous comments and is therefore useless. We are having to use a third party form tool in order to retain our customer data. Is this actually in the development pipeline or is it just lip service for two years with no intention of actually correcting the #1 issue with your product.


@Joseph_Markman I agree with you 100%, just wanted to offer a potential fix for storing all your contact-us form submissions, as technically, the solution to the above idea doesn't necessarily solve your problem (unless you want to append infinitely to a single field). 


You could consider creating separate unique deals out of your Contact form submissions. That way, all submissions are stored separately and linked to the correct contact. Might also be a good way to jumpstart your sales process if you also use Hubspot as a CRM.


Does anyone at HubSpot care about this functionality - is it being worked on?? The idea has been open for a long time. Frankly the lack of functionality, specifically around overwriting field value that already exist without being able to lock them in is very amateur.  I am all too frustrated that I can't prevent fields from being overwritten - particularly when importing. 


Hi @kristen_sb - just pointing out in case you missed it, there is for now a workaroud we use - use temp fields, import to there, then copy from the temp field to the regular field if that is blank. That can be done with a workflow.


Based on Hubspot's record, I hope and assume we will see some progress on this soon.


Hi all,


I believe I have the best solution for this. We use a system called Insycle. I have mentioned it before but it is a plug and play app in the Hubspot store. We run all our uploads through the system which will be able to do almost any of the data management you want (including appending) and we have a referral arrangement with them. 


If you sign up with our link you get a 10% discount. Plus there's a Free 7-day trial with no credit card required. I'd highly recommend giving it a go. You can sign up here:


They'll also help run you through the system.


@Jems212 @kristen_sb et al


Thank you @BB1 and @TimBrown I appreciate your workarounds and ideas!


Upvote on the form details NOT overriding existing data!!! 


I have a similar problem of overwriting data in custom properties.  Please let there be a resolution soon.