Update/Overwrite/Append Data Options for Contact Property Fields

Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from:
1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value


Sample use case(s):
Append Option: Notes Field
I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. If that contact later submits another query I don't want to lose the previous info from my records. I want to see the new information appended to that field.  (Can't keep creating new properties and using smart properties). 


Overwrite Option 
Standard as happens curently with most fields, if a contact enters a new phone number it overrides the previous data to keep it updated with the latest information.


Update if Blank option - Lead Source
When a lead comes in, I assign the Lead Source to it, but I only want that updated if there is no previous Lead Source assigned to it. I don't want subsequent forms to overwrite the value. Smart Field(s) works only partially because if I use the API to submit forms, smart fields do not stop it from being overwritten.



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The inability to do this is really throwing me for a loop.


We used this option constantly in Marketo to append notes so we could create a clear log of history for sales reps. Can the ability to append a text property PLEASE get added???

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Thank you BB1 for the good idea - it is apparently the best solution available to us for now. 


I am also looking for a way that my form will update the field ONLY if it is blank. I do not want it to override. 

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Agree this is needed.


It was a very useful feature in Eloqua - used it all the time! 

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I have a solution for this. It is an integration in Hubspot called Insycle - which is available from the integrations marketplace. I had a demo yesterday and it does exactly what is needed and updates live straight back into Hubspot. https://www.insycle.com/.

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Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner

Oh my gosh yes use Insycle for this! It integrates absolutely seamlessly with HubSpot and is so freaking quick. I am amazed by how quickly you can do things like this. It updates in real time and you can click the contact and open it right in HubSpot. Plus, you can preview your changes before actually pushing them live in things like merging contact records. It does what you're looking for and a ton more too. I'm in love with this tool. https://www.insycle.com/.

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So we'd have to pay for an integration for something that should already exist in the tool. Doesn't seem right...

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HubSpot, are you listening to your customers?! How long will it take you to add this pretty simple functionality that your competitors offer?

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Newer user to Hubspot and very surprised it just overwrites the property and no option to append! So needed... 

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I tried insycle but it did not work for us - maybe because we hve tons of contacts and companies. Anyone here use Insycle for 400k or more contacts? If yes - how is your experience? How long does it take to do queries?



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This is so critical. Used to have this functionality in Act-On before we moved to HubSpot. Expecially important when you're dealing with large enterprise companies